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Stay in the Know and Run a Compliant and Thriving Practice

Managing staff, negotiating contracts with payers, streamlining accounts receivable processes, bringing in new patients and keeping the ones, you have happy, as well as complying with the Anti-Kickback Statute, Stark, and other CMPL’s—that’s a lot to juggle.

Don’t succumb to today’s healthcare challenges. Get the upper hand with practice management advice you can bank on.

From office management to financial management, TCI’s Practice Management Alert has you covered. Leverage best-in-class advice on code and guideline updates, revenue cycle management, training, recruitment, patient relations, payer relations, and everything you need to lead your practice to new heights of success.

Our field-tested tips and best practices delivered to you each month will equip you to meet CMS and HIPAA compliance requirements, defend against cyberthreats, and achieve sustaining growth and profit rewards.

As subscriber, you will receive timely articles such as:

  • Know These Particulars on Business Associate Agreements
  • Yes, You May Be Able to Bill A Consultation
  • Consider Overbooking Appointments to Compensate for No-Shows
  • Reduce Patient Anxiety for Better Outcomes, Higher Satisfaction
  • Cybersecurity Failures Are Crushing Practices
  • Clean Up Your Claims, Reduce Denials
  • Use Continuing Education to Reduce PHI Breaches
  • NPP Claims Sometimes Require Modifier


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