TCI Revenue Cycle Management & Services

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Business Office Solutions

The cost of rework, low self-pay collections, and underpayments can take a heavy toll on your healthcare organization’s finances. At TCI, we understand the importance of your organization’s cash flow. That’s why we offer a suite of business office solutions aimed at ensuring accuracy from start to finish.

  • Claims Management
    • Send us your chart notes, and we’ll do the work for you from insurance verification to posting payments
      • Demographic entry
      • Insurance verification/Prior authorization
      • Medical coding
      • Charge entry
      • Claim submission and management
      • Billing
      • Payment posting
  • Denials Management
  • Benefit from both real-time and remote denials management
  • Discover the specific coding and documentation issues triggering costly denials
  • Ensure smooth payments going forward with the guidance of our experienced analytical team
  • Collections Management
  • Automate your billing and collections cycle
  • Integrate our system directly with your patient management system
  • Monitor the status of outstanding balances while patient care experts do the work for you


Call customer service at 866-228-9252 for more information. Be sure to ask about adding coding manuals, handbooks, and online resources to your RCM Services package.