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Urology ICD-10 Handbook

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ISBN No:978-1-630-12568-4

Get in-depth knowledge of ICD-10 coding for Urology.

“The Authoritative Urology Handbook for ICD-10 Coding & Documentation”

While ICD-10 implementation has come and gone, and you’re using the new codeset every day, ensuring you’re coding to the highest degree of specificity is critical to supporting the medical necessity for the urology procedures your urologist is performing. With more codes to choose from, your providers need to know what key words matter in their urology procedure documentation and your coders need understand the ins and outs of the ICD-10 urology codes.

Urology Coding Resources and Guidelines

Look to our in-depth how-to Urology ICD-10 Handbook — put together by urology coding expert Leesa A. Israel, BA, CPC, CUC, CPPM, CEMC, CMBS. Learn the nuances of all the urology-specific ICD-10 codes you use on your urology claims, as well as the documentation tips your urologist needs to help you assign the right code. You’ll get ICD-10 urology code details for conditions such as urinary tract infections, diagnoses related to UroLift® procedures, kidney and ureteral stones, prostate cancer, and much more.

Take a look at just some of what you’ll find in this must-have resource:

  • Get specific with ureteral stone diagnoses.
  • Tackle dysuria with two codes.
  • Shore up your phimosis, balanitis diagnoses.
  • Prostate cancer coding mirrors ICD-9 neoplasm table structure.
  • Get inguinal hernia laterality details before choosing ICD-10 code.
  • Transform your polyuria coding.
  • Expand your undescended, retractile testicle diagnoses.
  • Get more specific with azoospermia documentation.
  • Expand your hydronephrosis coding.
  • Look to new Z code on PSA screenings.
  • Scope out K66.0 for peritoneal adhesion diagnoses.
  • Query urologist for urosepsis clarification before coding.
  • Combine kidney plus ureter calculus under 1 code.
  • Differentiate six renal tumor diagnosis codes.
  • Review urogynecology repair options.
  • Pay attention to Z33.1 Excludes1 note.
  • Watch for hematuria mention to select the right cystitis ICD-10 code.
  • Home in on 1 ICD-10 code to support your UroLift® claims.
  • Get specific with UTI details.

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