Service Excellence: Top Patient Relations Strategies for Customer Retention

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What’s more damaging to a practice than bad word of mouth? NOTHING!

A satisfied customer tells an average of 5 people about good service. A dissatisfied customer tells an average of 20 people about bad service, and then complains online, which has a potential to impact thousands of potential customers.

Can you afford to give bad service to even a single patient?

How do you reach for the exceptional to retain your patients? The answers and strategies, both doable and transformative, are laid out, step-by-step in Service Excellence: Top Patient Relations Strategies for Customer Retention.

TCI experts help you to establish a culture of excellence to retain patients and gain new ones, deliver top-notch customer service, stop patient attrition, and take back control of patient relations:

  • Learn what quality in healthcare really means
  • Grasp the direct link between quality of healthcare and customer retention
  • Uphold the golden rules of service and watch your practice grow


Master service excellence and avoid traps guaranteed to send your staff and patients into a tailspin:

  • Take proactive steps to stop the attrition
  • Profit from others’ real-world service mistakes
  • Examine “service disasters” and common complaints
  • Nail down these techniques to improve communications
  • Bill right the first time
  • Establish a patient experience improvement team and phase in customer retention strategies
  • Get the 12-step arsenal to calm angry patients
  • Learn the ins and outs of patient satisfaction surveys and complaints
  • Avoid these 30 bad service traps at all costs
  • And so much more!


Say goodbye to humdrum service and hello to outstanding service with this decisive and insightful resource.

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