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Software/Workplace Efficiency


Revolutionize your workday with fast Microsoft Office mastery

We take our everyday software for granted and assume everyone knows their way around their technological environment, but is your staff operating at full capacity? Chances are, they’re not.

Studies show that few employees make significant use of Microsoft Office applications. Does your staff know how to let the tools do the job? Can they navigate their tools well enough to ramp up the quality of their work and the pace in which they deliver it?

It’s time to revolutionize your workplace.

Turbocharge your staff’s productivity with resources for users of all levels. TCI will equip you with need-to-know features clearly laid out in our quick-read resources, packed with useful tips, wizard-like instructions, and shortcuts too numerous to count.

  • Outlook on Steroids — This quick read, with wizard-like instructions for swift command, is a must-have for every Outlook user. Learn how to harness Outlook’s trove of functions to work smarter, not harder—and say goodbye to oversights and missed deadlines. Capitalize on scheduling tips to hit your weekly and monthly targets. Organize your email content by category, convert messages to To-Do items, master advanced scheduling features step-by-step and put them into practice right away. You’ll be amazed at what you’re able to accomplish in the same workday window and how much time you’ve freed for projects that matter most.