Secrets of Successful Provider Contracting 2018

 Secrets of Successful Provider Contracting 2018
ISBN: 978-1-63527-407-3
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When it comes to hammering out the details of provider contracts, don’t go to the table without the hammer.

Team up with TCI and negotiate like a pro. The Secrets of Successful Provider Contracting 2018 will transform how you view contracts and approach negotiations.

Get the revenue you deserve with step-by-step solutions to both physician contracting and private exchange provider contracting. Master high-impact negotiation strategies, learn the ins and outs of recognizing opportunities for provider contracting, and be equipped to meet 2018 Stark exception and compliance regulations.

Lock in revenue with best-in-class tactics and insider know-how:

  • 5 Critical terms that are negotiable in provider contracts
  • Top Compliance Concerns for Physician Contracts
  • Distinguish between private and public exchanges and how payment terms differ.
  • Know if you’re automatically included in private exchanges under existing contracts.
  • Learn how to perform due diligence before joining a private exchange network.
  • Use this checklist for a payer contract that protects your profits.
  • Know what to include in a contract termination notice.
  • Avoid liability with waiver via instructions.
  • Identify problematic POS billing.
  • Get your overpayment refund (PPACA).
  • Monitor anticipated payments so you know how much money to expect.
  • Ask these strategic questions as part of a comprehensive physician payment program.
  • Develop your physician payment monitoring program with a step-by-step guide.
  • Ask these questions about each payment to ensure compliance.
  • Know the red flags and early warning signs of compliance issues.
  • Look for these key “takeaways” to ensure a more compliant contracting process.
  • Identify hidden information, such as silent PPOs, that could affect the contract.
  • Understand alternative contract negotiations, including patient education to discover a win-win.
  • Get to know tracking reports to monitor insurance payments.
  • 5 Sure-fire ways to ace payer contract negotiation
  • Learn how to avoid common payer contract negotiation mistakes.
  • And so much more!

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