Revenue Cycle

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Revenue Cycle

Your Destination Healthcare RCM Optimization Solutions

A typical healthcare organization may lose as much as 12% of its revenue to outdated and inefficient billing and collection practices. What’s your percentage? Are you looking for ways to decrease you’re A/R days and claim denials?

The challenge of raising the quality of care amidst reimbursement reform has become a universal dilemma. And while the dilemma is real, it represents a learning curve—not an impregnable obstacle.  

Rise beyond today’s challenges with TCI’s end-to-end RCM Solutions.

From up-front co-pay collection to claim submission, to identifying where you’re losing money and capitalizing on methodology to increase your cash flow, TCI’s RCM solutions deliver unprecedented results.

TCI’s healthcare revenue cycle management solutions save you time and money by:

  • Improving your coding efficiency
  • Boosting coding accuracy
  • Optimizing revenue cycle results
  • Decreasing A/R days and claim denials
  • Accelerating cash flow
  • Eliminating regulatory compliance headaches
  • Focusing your time on patient care

Reduce denials, improve A/R, and stay compliant with help from TCI RCM & Services.

Leverage TCI’s RCM solutions to stay on top of coding, billing, and reimbursement changes for your practice. Put a stop to claim denials and diminishing revenue.

  • Revenue Cycle Management for the Physician Office 2019 – Keep pace with the challenges of claims submissions, A/R, payer policies and guidelines, denials, appeals, and audits. This all-inclusive revenue cycle management handbook will revamp your understanding of redeterminations and reconsiderations, check payer policy on prolonged service codes, and master your supply billing, and so much more.
  • Medical Collections Primer – Having trouble collecting the self-pay revenue owed to you? Struggling with reducing self-pay A/R? Get the revenue you deserve now with expert guidance to wade through the self-pay collections quagmire. Improve your practice’s bottom line, crack the copay waiver compliance riddle, create a solid financial policy, step up your benefits verification, check your contracts for collections, get proactive and capture every allowable non-par dollar — and so much more.
  • Master Denials Management & Appeals 2019 – This invaluable handbook plays an essential role in revenue cycle management. Bank on TCI to walk you through claim and appeal processes, step-by-step, with best-in-class guidance to help you make the right coding decision at the right time and ethically maximize your reimbursement with minimal time and effort.