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Radiology ICD-10 Handbook

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ISBN No:978-1-630-12506-6

Get In-Depth ICD-10 Coding and Documentation Advice for Radiology

Let’s face it: confusion over the latest ICD-10 diagnosis codes and other ongoing radiology coding edits and updates can be downright frustrating. What’s worse, coding mistakes can cost your practice thousands of dollars every year and may invite fraud charges.

Radiology ICD-10 Guidelines and GEMS

Under the new code set you need to focus on ICD-10 codes with increased specificity requirements, like the cerebral embolism codes, deep vein thrombosis, and carcinoma in situ of breast. With the wide range of diagnoses you’ll need for radiologic services, such as ultrasound, CTA, duplex scanning, MRI, PET, and more, you can’t afford to make coding errors.

The Radiology ICD-10 Handbook has all the updates you’ll need. You’ll also learn about ICD-10 guidelines and GEMs, and documentation changes radiology coders and providers.

In your copy of the Radiology ICD-10 Handbook, you’ll find information on the following topics:

  • Look for these expansions to spinal lesion and closed cervical fractures.
  • Upgrade your patellar open/closed fracture reporting.
  • Prepare to defend your osteoporosis and osteopenia diagnoses coding.
  • Banish the coding challenges for Barrett’s esophagus.
  • E24.- will increase your Cushing’s options under the new code set.
  • S82.84- demands multiple details for bimalleolar ankle fractures.
  • S86.01- range gets specific for Achilles tendon strains.
  • Navigate the new ICD-10 code set for your pneumoconiosis diagnosis.
  • N13.- will allow more specific hydronephrosis coding.
  • 2015 will bring scoliosis options based on juvenile or adolescent.
  • 441.4 crosses to I71.4 for unruptured AAA.
  • 727.61 counterpart requires right/left rotator cuff distinction.
  • 183.0 splits into 3 ovarian neoplasm options in the new code set.
  • 568.0 and K66.0 are similar, but there’s a twist.
  • D05.-- expands reporting options for breast carcinoma in situ.
  • 453.42 splits into tibial, other, and unspecified ICD-10 options.
  • R10.8- separates tenderness and rebound tenderness of the abdomen.
  • 747.81 splits into AVM and other options under ICD-10.
  • 571.5 crosses to a trio of K74.- codes.
  • 784.2 crosses to multiple codes — don’t overlook hidden #3.
  • 540.9 will have 2 ICD-10 matches for appendicitis.
  • C22.- will require more liver neoplasm specifics than 155.
  • R92.1 will simplify your mammographic calcification coding.
  • 198.5 splits to distinct bone/bone marrow options for ICD-10.
  • Debunk these 4 ICD-10 myths and mysteries.
  • Discover how to navigate your ICD-10-CM manual — and what’s different from your ICD-9-CM version.
  • Here are your 2 key focus areas as you transition to ICD-10.
  • Examine how PCS organizes root operations.
  • And more!

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