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Know the changes that affect your practice post ICD-10 implementation

ICD-10 presents unique challenges to pulmonary practices. You have more specific codes to report conditions, such as pneumothorax based on type and acute bronchitis based on etiology, so understanding the guidelines inside and out is essential.

But ICD-10 isn’t all bad news — for example, when it comes to your provider diagnosing obstructive sleep apnea you have a simpler one-to one transition.

With so much in hand, don’t lose your grip on changes the new code set brings, and don’t put your reimbursement at risk by being unprepared.

Count on the Coding Institute to provide the pulmonology-specific resources you can rely on to guide your ICD-10 implementation. The Pulmonology ICD-10 Handbook will walk you through the changing guidelines, training process, and more.

Here’s some of the pulmonology nitty-gritty that the Pulmonology ICD-10 Handbook has in store for you:

  • Mirror descriptor for ICD-10 home sleep study code.
  • ICD-10 replaces V04.81 with same-theme Z code.
  • ICD-10 retains descriptor for 786.05.
  • J67.2 takes over bird fancier’s lung code.
  • Observe 495.1’s transformation to J67.1.
  • D86.9: Use manual as guide for more efficient coding.
  • I code replaces 415.12.
  • Reclassify 491.20 under an unspecified code.
  • J93: Standby for ‘greater detail’ pneumothorax codes.
  • Handy chart helps capture your pleural effusion conditions.
  • J67.0 transforms your farmer’s lung reporting.
  • Shift to new code with no descriptor change for bagassosis.
  • New codes mean more specificity for pneumoconiosis.
  • Shift to J codes with minor descriptor changes for pyothorax.
  • Crosswalk to J codes and heed these descriptor changes for streptococcal pneumonia.
  • Shift to J codes for better specificity for emphysema.
  • J10 and J11 add more specificity to influenza with manifestations.
  • J45 shifts focus to severity for asthma reporting.
  • Bronchiectasis slips smoothly to J47 in ICD-10.
  • Streamline your unspecified pulmonary edema with J81.
  • Shift to J04.0 for acute laryngitis in ICD-10.
  • Standby for smooth sinusitis code transition.
  • And more!


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