2019 Procedural Reference Guide for Coders

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Nail down complex, confusing, and brief code descriptors for accurate CPT® coding that earns full reimbursement!

Are you confused by complex procedures and ambiguous code descriptors?

If you can’t fully interpret code descriptors—and not many of us can—you’ll struggle to determine if a code matches the medical documentation. You likely squander valuable time searching the Internet or questioning colleagues—and increasing your odds of making mistakes as you rush to finish the day’s claims.

Reel in your well-earned revenue with the right resource—TCI’s 2019 Procedural Reference Guide for Coders, the only lay terms book on the market that provides step-by-step explanations for procedures and services—in a language you can understand.

Armed with these essential features, you’ll master CPT® coding and denial-proof your claims:

  • End revenue loss with easy-to-read lay descriptions for 11,000+ CPT® codes for evaluation and management (E/M), anesthesia, surgery (all specialties), radiology, pathology and laboratory, medicine, and Category III codes. 
  • Clear up E/M coding confusion with our step-by-step guide for coding E/M services—including how to correctly interpret E/M services, determine E/M levels, and assign the right codes.
  • Know when and how to apply CPT® modifiers with a complete modifier list, accompanied by definitions, narrative explanations, and tips to ensure correct modifier assignment.
  • Build your working knowledge of coding surgical procedures, including procedures performed outside of your main specialty, with our Introduction to Surgical Coding and Surgical Terms.
  • Recognize procedure eponyms with quick access to eponym definitions across specialties.
  • Boost your understanding of anesthesia CPT® codes 00100-01999 with walk-through explanations of anesthesia types and procedures, in addition to lay terms for each code.
  • Identify normal and abnormal test results when classification is lacking in medical charts or documentation.
  • Avoid errors caused by unfamiliar terminology found in medical record documentation, used by regulatory organizations, and in communication with payers with user-friendly definitions of billing, coding, and reimbursement terms. 
  • Understand anatomical components described in operative reports with a comprehensive collection of illustrations for all body systems.


Spot documentation deficiencies and know exactly what you’re doing in each coding decision with easy-to-understand lay descriptions that equip you to distinguishing one procedure—and its code—from another.

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You’ll know exactly what you’re doing with expert lay descriptions that spell out in easy-to-understand terms how a procedure's done for each code.

Rely on TCI’s 2018 Procedural Reference Guide for Coders—the complete guide to lay terms for 11,000+ CPT® codes—and say goodbye to frustration, ambiguity, claim denials, rework, and subpar reimbursement.

Designed for practical use and loaded with valuable features—including anatomical and procedural illustrations—the 2018 Procedural Reference Guide for Coders makes CPT® coding swift, easy, and accurate.

Master CPT® coding with these essential features:

  • Exhaustive CPT® code listing across specialties, including 2018 new and revised codes, with lay descriptions.
  • Glossary of thousands of medical terms with definitions to enhance your understanding of lay terms
  • Evaluation and Management Survival Guide: Code all types of E/M services, including 2018 updates
  • CPT® modifiers with lay terms, explanations, and tips
  • Introduction to surgical coding and surgical terms: Gain a solid understanding of coding surgical procedures and common terminology
  • Procedure eponyms for procedures named after a person
  • Basic types of anesthesia with walk-through explanations
  • Normal lab values and vital signs: Get to know normal and abnormal results
  • Billing, coding, and reimbursement terms: Nail down current terms and regulatory organizations
  • Medical chart abbreviations of various body systems to guide you as you read lay term descriptions
  • And more!

Finally, a manual that explains how to report codes accurately and is customized to support your daily workload!

End claim denials today with the easy-to-read, one-stop resource packed with 11,000+ CPT® codes and their lay descriptions.

ORDER ONLINE or call 1-800-508-2582 today to get your copy of the 2018 Procedural Reference Guide for Coders.
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