2018 Procedural Reference Guide for Coders

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You’ll know exactly what you’re doing with expert lay descriptions that spell out in easy-to-understand terms how a procedure's done for each code.

Rely on TCI’s 2018 Procedural Reference Guide for Coders—the complete guide to lay terms for 10,000+ CPT® codes—and say goodbye to frustration, ambiguity, claim denials, rework, and subpar reimbursement.

Designed for practical use and loaded with valuable features—including anatomical and procedural illustrations—the 2018 Procedural Reference Guide for Coders makes CPT® coding swift, easy, and accurate.

Master CPT® coding with these essential features:

  • Exhaustive CPT® code listing across specialties, including 2018 new and revised codes, with lay descriptions.
  • Glossary of thousands of medical terms with definitions to enhance your understanding of lay terms
  • Evaluation and Management Survival Guide: Code all types of E/M services, including 2018 updates
  • CPT® modifiers with lay terms, explanations, and tips
  • Introduction to surgical coding and surgical terms: Gain a solid understanding of coding surgical procedures and common terminology
  • Procedure eponyms for procedures named after a person
  • Basic types of anesthesia with walk-through explanations
  • Normal lab values and vital signs: Get to know normal and abnormal results
  • Billing, coding, and reimbursement terms: Nail down current terms and regulatory organizations
  • Medical chart abbreviations of various body systems to guide you as you read lay term descriptions
  • And more!

Finally, a manual that explains how to report codes accurately and is customized to support your daily workload!

End claim denials today with the easy-to-read, one-stop resource packed with 10,000+ CPT® codes and their lay descriptions.

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