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ICD-10 Coding and Documentation Advice for Internal Medicine, Family Practice, and Pediatrics

ICD-10 has marked the biggest change in healthcare coding, increasing the responsibilities of physicians and coders to provide accurate coding. For some, this new code sets mean new coding challenges and undue stress as they to move away from the comfort of using the old ICD-9 code sets. Now – when there is still time post implementation – it may well be your last chance to switch to detailed coding in ICD-10 and avoid compliance and revenue headaches.

How successful are you in implementing ICD-10 codes for Primary Care?

As a primary care provider do you have detailed documentation knowledge to support appropriate diagnosis code choices? While reporting some of the common ailments such as hypertension, lower back pain, you simple crosswalk from ICD-9 to ICD-10 codes. But are you facing reimbursement denials when reporting for conditions with more specific documentation requirements and more code options such as in acute laryngitis, ADD, ADHD, and foreign body removal?

The only solution to your claim denials is the Primary Care ICD-10 Handbook

The Primary Care ICD-10 Handbook will provide you with expert guidance to enhance your payments for services rendered by ensuring accurate documentation and coding, which are tied to your revenue under ICD-10. Get step-by-step guidelines for ICD-10 coding and GEMs, confront the training process, and get to know some of the important documentation changes.

Take a glimpse at things you’ll get in this must-have resource:

  • Narrow choice for essential hypertension to ICD-10.
  • M54.5 will offer new lumbago descriptor.
  • 4 J code options help you nail strep throat diagnoses.
  • Big changes coming for ADD/ADHD coding under ICD-10.
  • “Unspecified” conjunctivitis coding will remain simple.
  • Atrial fibrillation maps to single code in ICD-10.
  • Separate fibromyalgia, myalgia diagnoses.
  • Fifth digits add specificity to 173.x skin cancer codes.
  • Train physicians now for extra osteoarthritis documentation.
  • Ensure compliance with sinusitis’ one-to-one relationship.
  • Watch for product, addiction clues for nicotine dependence coding.
  • Tophi and other details lead you to correct gout choices.
  • Prepare now for greatly expanded varicose vein diagnoses.
  • Switch to one-to-one 'N' series crossover options for UTI.
  • Start thinking about ‘cause’ for future acute bronchitis coding.
  • Verify whether you’re coding tenderness or rebound tenderness of the abdomen.
  • Get to know how Lyme disease coding will change.
  • Scroll to ‘P59.x’ section when coding jaundice after ICD-10 takes effect.
  • Consider how you’ll code after V20.2 no longer exists.
  • Look to 'A' codes to report rotavirus under ICD-10.
  • And more!

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