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Practice management encompasses so many different areas and requires so many different skills, that some days may be simply overwhelming.

As a practice manager you have to focus on a variety of areas — from contract negotiations with payers to streamlining your accounts receivable processes to finding ways to bring in new patients, all while making sure your practice stays on top of the latest coding and reimbursement changes. That’s a lot to juggle.

But if you combine solid, proven processes with up-to-date healthcare rules and regulations, your workday can be smooth and productive.

Look to the Practice Management Handbook for step-by-step, accurate, and authoritative guidance from certified physician practice manager Leesa A. Israel BA, CPC, CUC, CPPM, CMBS.  You’ll get expert advice in areas such as human resources, marketing and public relations, EMR implementation, coding, and much more. The handbook has been designed to help you apply regulations from healthcare reform, market your practice and bring in new patients, hone your leadership and time management skills, implement risk and denial management tactics, navigate compliance and documentation issues, and get much-needed information on complex employment and labor laws.

Take a look at just a small portion of what we provide in this newly updated must-have resource:

  • Pay Attention to OIG’s Hit List.
  • Learn the Ins and Outs of the CMS-855-B Form to Perfect Your Group Enrollment.
  • Boost Your Confidence with Chart Sampling.
  • Let This Example Show You What Not to Do With Your BAs.
  • Glean 3 Key HIPAA Lessons from 2 HITECH Reports.
  • Help Employees Avoid Email Faux Pas.
  • Weigh the Pros and Cons of Having a Social Media Presence.
  • Decide Which Certification Your Practice/Facility Wants.
  • Get the Lowdown on What to Look for During Successful Payer Contract Negotiations.
  • Keep Track of Where Your Doctors Are When Your Ancillary Staff Performs Services.
  • Step Up Your Benefits Verification for the New Year.
  • Plus: A whole chapter on coding and reimbursement updates so you can easily tackle the new year, no matter what specialty you need to focus on!

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