Practice Management

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Practice Management

Practice Management

If there’s one person in your office who needs to keep up with 2019 coding, billing, guideline, and regulation changes—to say nothing of best practices—it’s you, the practice manager.

There’s no room for procrastination. No leniency for error. No excuse for failing to keep current. Oversights are costly, and the buck stops with you. It’s time to kick it in gear, but not to worry.

TCI’s healthcare management solutions have covered all your bases with comprehensive resources on:

  • Medical Coding & Billing
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Compliance & Cybersecurity
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Staff Training
  • Patient Engagement
  • Practice Marketing
  • Payroll

Our practice management solutions address the gamut of organizational issues—from streamlining processes and ensuring coding accuracy to marketing management and maximizing cash flow. And in addition to the best-in-class handbooks showcased above, we publish a monthly Practice Management Alert to keep you abreast of industry news and key changes impacting your organization.

  • Practice Management Alert — This monthly newsletter delivers expert guidance and advice to stay compliant and profitable. Frequent subjects include: HIPAA, regulatory changes, EMR implementation, RCM, time management, denial management, audit management, labor laws, and more.