2019 Physician Coding Bundle

2018 Physician Coding Bundle

  • 2019 Physician Coding Bundle
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More special features. More highlighted alerts. More reimbursement.

TCI’s 2019 Physician Coding Bundle delivers unprecedented power, packing more special features, more vibrant at-a-glance indicators, and more resources and bonus tools than our competitors. Equip yourself for success in 2019 with this high-octane package—bundled in one low price.

Procedural Coding Advisor 2019

Master CPT® changes, improve your coding efficiency, and boost your reimbursement with the Procedural Coding Advisor 2019. The user-friendly design of this comprehensive manual impeccably lays out the complete 2019 CPT® code set with full code descriptors, E/M coding advice, CPT® to HCPCS G code crosswalks, CPT® and HCPCS modifiers with definitions and tips, proprietary laboratory analyses, inpatient-only procedure codes, Category II modifiers, brand-name vaccinations associated with CPT® codes, anesthesia and ambulatory modifiers, vascular families for interventional radiology coding, Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Payment System, and so much more.

ICD-10-CM for Physicians & Hospitals 2019

The ICD-10-CM for Physicians & Hospitals 2019 is loaded with all the essentials you rely on—plus vibrantly-colored highlights and symbols to distinguish codes that are new, revised, unspecified, other specified, manifestation, HCC, RxHCC, MACRA, or Z codes as first-listed diagnosis. You’ll also find symbols and highlights covering gender, age, maternity, primary diagnosis only, POA, questionable admission, unacceptable principal diagnosis, CC, MCC, CC/MCC exclusions, HAC, principal diagnosis as its own CC/MCC, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th character, extension ‘X’, and notes – including Excludes1, Excludes2, and Includes. And navigation couldn’t be simpler!

HCPCS Level II Advisor 2019

Command coding accuracy and reap the reimbursement you’ve earned with quick access to 2019 code updates for billing supplies, equipment, and drugs to Medicare and other payers. The HCPCS Level II Advisor 2019 includes the complete 2019 HCPCS code set with code descriptors in everyday language and special features like a customized Alphabetic Index for services, supplies, durable medical equipment, and drugs, as well as the complete Tabular List. We’ve also included HCPCS G codes to CPT® crosswalks, BETOS codes with their descriptors, more brand-name drugs, and a bonus fold-out cover with 2019 CPT® and HCPCS modifiers and anesthesia, ambulatory, and ambulance modifiers.

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*CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association

  • 2018 Physician Coding Bundle
We deliver in 7-10 business days.

Maximize your reimbursement and minimize your denials with 2018 Physician Coding Bundle.

  • 2018 HCPCS Level II Advisor
    Make the grade with easy access to the complete 2018 HCPCS code set and updates for billing equipment, supplies, and drugs to Medicare and commercial payers. The 2018 HCPCS Level II Advisor is loaded with invaluable features, including our customized Index of quick-reference entries, HCPCS G codes to CPT® crosswalks, Table of Drugs and Biologicals—with more brand-name drugs and generic drugs—BETOS codes and their descriptors, full-colored anatomical illustrations, Pub 100 references, and so much more.
  • 2018 ICD-10-CM for Physicians and Hospitals
    TCI experts equip you to select the right code at the right time to ensure equitable reimbursement and full compliance. The 2018 ICD-10-CM for Physicians & Hospitals contains the complete ICD-10-CM code set, with full descriptors, coding conventions, includes and excludes notes, highlighted new and revised codes, and more. Master ICD-10-CM coding with easy-to-follow guidance and bring in your fair and deserved reimbursement.

    BONUS—The 2018 ICD-10-CM for Physicians and Hospitals is AHIMA-approved for CCA®, CCS®, and CCS-P® exam preparation.
  • 2018 Procedural Coding Advisor
    Master the 2018 CPT® code set with complete descriptors, E/M coding tips and guidance, CPT® to HCPCS G code crosswalks, and more. You’ll find the right code fast with our customized Index with hundreds of quick-reference entries. Say goodbye to claim denials with the 2018 Procedural Coding Advisor.


  • Highlighted alerts to help you master assigning the right code very time
  • New color-coded notes in the Tabular List for speedy lookup and accuracy
  • Color-tabs for easy navigation
  • Light reflective paper to reduce eye strain from glare
  • And much more!

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 *CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association

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