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Pediatric Coding & Practice Management Handbook

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Your complete coding, practice management, and compliance resource for pediatric practices.

Let’s face it. The fight for your pediatric practice’s deserved reimbursement is like an ongoing war with ever-changing rules. In the constant battle to have your claims paid, it’s all too easy for practitioners to either circle a code that’s higher than what’s justified in the documentation — and become a target for fraud accusations — or downcode and lose out on the money they have rightfully earned.

In this book, you’ll find a rundown of the best coding practices for not only the top in-office procedures your pediatricians perform, but also the evaluation and management services that are your practice’s bread and butter. Plus, you’ll get practice management tips and tricks that will ensure you bring in every dollar your pediatricians deserve.

That’s why you need the Pediatric Coding & Practice Management Handbook. This essential guide brings you step-by-step, accurate and authoritative guidance to help you learn about pediatric coding and practice management, and staying compliant.

Take a look at some of the topics we provide in this must-have resource:

  • These 4 FAQs will keep vaccine errors to a minimum.
  • Capture circumcision compensation with 3 coding tips.
  • Receive deserved reimbursement: Bill 24640 and office visit for nursemaid elbow.
  • Stop bundling first-degree burn repair into E/M codes.
  • Cue into successful laceration reporting with this expert advice.
  • Antibiotic injection? Report more than one code.
  • Overcome close scrutiny of incident-to billing with these 4 tips.
  • Improving your A/R process with these 4 tips means improving your collections.
  • Focus on 3 tips to capture deserved extra pay with +99354 and +99355.
  • Overcome financial woes with 5 solid strategies for uncovering untapped money.
  • Improve your practice’s bottom line with 12 easy-to-implement strategies.
  • Are you overlooking these 3 opportunities to collect reimbursement?
  • Boost your productivity and income by adding an NPP, but weigh the pros and cons first.
  • Create a solid financial policy that tells your patients exactly what you expect.
  • Streamline administrative, financial tasks with practice management software.
  • Take a hands-on approach to selecting an EMR system.
  • Focus on the top 8 reasons that you — and your employees — should take vacation time.
  • Assess billing and coding know-how before hiring with this test.
  • And more!


Turn to the Pediatric Coding & Practice Management Handbook to learn about your practice’s most pressing coding and compliance needs.

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