Patient Relations/ Customer Service

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Patient Relations/ Customer Service

Patient Relations / Customer Service

Poor Quality of Service Translates as Poor Quality of Care

Are complaints about patient access, scheduling, or telephones at an all-time high? Want to improve your practice’s bottom line? Do you need to enhance patient satisfaction or increase physician referrals?

In the old days, loyalty kept patients coming back to their physicians. Today's patients, though, are far less tolerant of an inefficient office. The same goes for insurance companies, employers, and referring physicians when they repeatedly hear patient complaints about your practice. Quality of service translates as quality of care. If your job performance is subpar, it’ll cost you.

Patient satisfaction is vital to thriving in the era of value-based reimbursement.

Rely on TCI for insightful and cost-effective tactics to propel your practice’s financial health through optimal patient engagement. Learn how to build a culture of excellence and stop patient attrition with top-notch customer service.

  • Mastering Patient Flow, 4th Edition — Delivering high-quality, cost-effective care requires that you create and sustain patient-centered practice operations, and Mastering Patient Flow 4th Edition is your go-to source for uncovering new opportunities and efficiencies. Brimming with insightful strategies, tools, and best-in-class guidance, you’ll enhance every stage of your patient care—from reception to discharge.
  • Ready, Set, Engage: How to Create a Patient-Centered Practice — This insightful resource lays out implications of the value-based reimbursement transition on your Medicare, private payer, and patient self-pay revenue—and provides you with time- and cost-efficient methods to safeguard your practice’s financial health through effective patient engagement that puts you on top as you put your patients first.
  • Service Excellence: Top Patient Relations Strategies for Customer Retention —  To take something from routine to exceptional, you have to dive into all aspects of the operation.  This resource provides end-to-end strategies to retain patients, attract new ones, deliver flawless customer service, and take back control of your patient relations.