Pathology/Laboratory ICD-10 Handbook 2016

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Increase Diagnosis Coding Productivity with Expert Advice You Can Rely On

Are you anxious about the 35 percent productivity drop from implementing ICD-10-CM? Do you want to ban claim denials once and for all?

Secure your revenue, sharpen your coding skills, and speed up claims submissions with the Pathology/Laboratory ICD-10 Handbook 2016. Master ICD-10 codes for pathology/laboratory including coding for male and female breast cancer, prostate neoplasms, melanoma and other cancers. The newly-updated Pathology/Laboratory ICD-10 Handbook 2016 clears up confusion on coding for procedures for BRCA, HER2/neu, CIN, DCIS, HPV, and PSA, and more.

An Expert Reliable Resource for Path/Lab ICD-10 Coding

The Pathology/Laboratory ICD-10 Handbook 2016 is jam-packed with nearly 80 articles, readers’ questions, and handy references to streamline your ICD-10 path/lab coding, including a tool for memorizing ICD-10 codes. Want to nail down diagnosis codes when the pathologist performs immunohistochemistry studies for breast and liver cancer? Master specificity for reporting pathologic fracture diagnosis codes? Need to clarify uterine fibroid diagnoses? Find all of the answers in the Pathology/Laboratory ICD-10 Handbook 2016.

Keep expert guidance at your fingertips in the Pathology/Laboratory ICD-10 Handbook 2016:

  • Check out this colon polyp coding primer
  • Location drives lung cancer diagnosis changes
  • Distinguish 3 forms of trisomy 21
  • Fungal disease: Get histoplasmosis analysis and diagnosis tips here
  • Check payers for Crohn's antibody test coverage
  • Identify factors leading to lab test with 'Z' codes
  • Pay attention to combination codes
  • Look to Mohs codes for dermatopathology
  • Change 'BPH' to 'enlarged prostate'
  • Pin grade guides prostate dysplasia code
  • Check out this handy crosswalk chart for HPV
  • And much more! 


Don’t miss out on the critical ICD-10 lab and path coding topics that impact your bottom line! Call 1-800-508-2582 or click the link above to get your copy of the Pathology/Laboratory ICD-10 Handbook 2016 today.

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