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Pathology/Laboratory ICD-10 Handbook

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Comprehensive ICD-10 Coding and Documentation Advice for Pathology and Laboratory Professionals

ICD-10 has arrived — after years of preparation, you are finally using the new codes to report the diagnoses your pathologist documents in the written report. How confident are you with coding neoplasms and other common laboratory procedures? Let us help you zero in on exactly what you need to know when you’re faced with the common experience of reporting a cancer or any other diagnosis from a pathology report.

A Practical Resource for Pathology/Lab ICD-10 Coding

With ICD-10 you have more specific codes to report melanomas based on site or Down syndrome based on chromosome analysis. But other diagnoses don’t pose as much of a challenge. For instance, when it comes to your provider diagnosing ovarian cancer, you have a simpler switch.

If you don’t meet the new documentation standards, or if you use the wrong code — or even miss just one character — you’ll undermine your claims and risk not being paid what you ethically deserve.

That’s why you need the Pathology/Laboratory ICD-10 Handbook. This essential guide brings you step-by-step, accurate and authoritative guidance to help you learn about pathology/lab ICD-10 codes and guidelines, GEMs, and the documentation changes you need to understand.

Take a look at some of the topics in this must-have handbook:

  • Bladder cancer still hinges on location.
  • Focus on drug dependence vs. abuse to assign diagnosis.
  • Expect more choices for cervical CIN III, severe dysplasia.
  • Swap V code with Z code for PSA screenings.
  • D25 replaces 218 for future fibroid diagnosis.
  • 173.xx specificity lost in translation to C44.xx.
  • 042 to B20: Look for direct crosswalk for HIV codes.
  • 999.4x to T80.5xx-: ‘Reaction’ turns to ‘shock’ again.
  • 795.0x to R87.61- makes smooth shift for Pap abnormalities.
  • C22.- broadens liver cancer options.
  • 185 entails simple ICD-10 crosswalk.
  • Prep your ICD-10 breast specimen coding.
  • V84.0x involves simple ICD-10 crosswalk.
  • 600 to N40: Expect fewer enlarged prostate code choices.
  • C43, D03: Two families replace 172 for melanoma.
  • D05: Breast cancer ‘in situ’ expands beyond 233.0.
  • N84 merges ICD-9 621 and 622 polyp codes.
  • J09-J11 identify more specific influenza and comorbidities.
  • Enter ‘right,’ ‘left’ for ovarian cancer specificity.
  • 758.0 Down syndrome — just one code is not enough for ICD-10.
  • Expect direct 289.9 to D75.9 diagnosis crosswalk.
  • And more!

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