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Pathology Coding Handbook 1st Edition

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A comprehensive resource for your pathology practice management!

Staying compliant with ever-changing and often-uncertain coding, billing, and reimbursement rules is a constant challenge for pathologists, especially as new test codes continue to be developed. In addition, ever-evolving coverage policies, CPT® and HCPCs updates, modifier use challenges, and changing HIPAA regulations present serious obstacles that affect pathology payments.

The Pathology Coding Handbook 1st Edition includes insights on how to comply with CMS regulations, physician fee schedule updates, and Correct Coding Initiative policy — to ensure clean claims.

Inside, you’ll find a roundup of the code sets you need to master, a survey of common procedures you need to know how to report, and a rundown of the compliance programs you can’t afford to ignore.

Specifically, here’s just some of what you’ll find for your pathology practice when you use this handbook:

  • Hot tips for anatomic pathology coding.
  • Valuable alphabetic inventory of surgical pathology specimens to streamline your 88302-88309 coding.
  • Insight into PQRS and other “pay for performance” programs that could earn you $$ in bonuses — or cost you $$ in penalties.
  • Well-defined understanding of cytopathology coding.
  • Inventory of ancillary pathology procedures — and how to report them.
  • Snapshot of Medicare’s code edit programs (CCI and MUE), and how they can impact your bottom line.
  • Directions for using new “multiplex” codes for ISH and IHC.
  • Keys to maneuvering Pap tests for Medicare and other payers.
  • Outline for gaining your pathologist’s interpretation and consultation pay.
  • Tips for mastering “medical necessity” reporting.
  • Roadmap for HIPAA compliance.
  • Clear expectations for your ICD-10 conversion.
  • And more!


Those are just a few of the ways the Pathology Coding Handbook 1st Edition will help you to master you practice’s most pressing coding and compliance needs.

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