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Pain Management Coding Handbook

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Avoid Denials and Revenue Threats to Your Pain Management Practice

Boost reimbursement through better pain management coding and documentation for procedures, services, and diagnoses with the Pain Management Coding Handbook.

Get expert advice in over 100 articles, including readers’ questions and answers. Master the ins and outs of coding pain management injection procedures, nerve blocks, presumptive and definitive drug testing, and CRPS (RSD). Nail down which modifiers to use and when and ace CCI edits.

Keep expert guidance at your fingertips; Take a peek at just some of the topics you’ll find in the Pain Management Coding Handbook:

  • Tally TPI target muscles for sure-shot coding
  • Don't let occipital or trigeminal blocks coding give you a headache
  • Keep 4 points in mind for postop pain management injections
  • Nail down these 3 things to simplify paravertebral facet joint injection claims
  • Get familiar with cryoablation and RF ablation coding
  • Remember 4 things before coding interlaminar epidural injections
  • Focus on 4th character; mollify ICD-10 migraine coding concerns
  • Can you determine the best diagnosis for diabetic neuropathy?
  • Know when double diagnoses apply to kyphoplasty
  • Split out neck sprain and strain ICD-10 codes
  • Distinguish between acute and chronic pain
  • Sidestep CTS diagnosis miscodes with these pointers
  • Keep your incident-to coding sharp or face lost $$
  • Modifier 59 might work – but also check X[ESPU] options
  • And much more!


Don’t miss out on the critical procedure and diagnosis coding topics that impact your bottom line! Call 1-800-508-2582 or click the link above to get your copy of the Pain Management Coding Handbook today.

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