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Otolaryngology ICD-10 Handbook

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In-Depth ICD-10 Coding and Documentation Advice for Otolaryngology Practices

Are you sure you’re ready for ICD-10?

If you’re a provider you need to update your documentation to mirror the increased specificity in ICD-10 codes — what worked in ICD-9 may not cut it in ICD-10. You’ll need to capture co-morbidities, manifestations, etiology/causation, and complications to ensure accurate coding.

If you are a coder, you must know how to translate the clinical information from the encounter notes to one of the new codes. One incorrect character and your entire claim will be undermined.

As we are quickly nearing the time for ICD-10 transition, you’ll need to gear up on your know how of these codes. While you have more specific codes to report impacted cerumen based on laterality and tonsillitis based on acute vs. chronic and the infectious agent, you may not have to worry about other diagnoses. For instance, when it comes to your clinician diagnosing acute sinusitis, you have a simpler transition.

Warning: If your practice has not begun training, dual coding, or reviewing of encounter forms, then you need to catch up. Did you know payers may start using the conversion to ICD-10 as another way to squeeze more money out of the reimbursements your practice should receive?

That’s why you should use the brand new, one of a kind Otolaryngology ICD-10 Handbook. Get step-by-step, accurate, and authoritative guidance so you can learn about ICD-10 guidelines and GEMs, confront the training process, and get to know some of the documentation changes you need to start implementing now.

Take a look at just some of what we provide in this must-have resource:

  • Celebrate sinusitis codes’ one-to-one relationship for ICD-10.
  • Encourage physicians to document ‘recurrent’ for future acute sinusitis diagnoses.
  • Easy transition to ICD-10 awaits sialoadenitis code.
  • 471.0 gets set for a J code change.
  • Exercise H code use for sensorineural hearing loss.
  • Similar functioning code in the I-10 G suffix codes replaces 327.23 under ICD-10-CM.
  • E00-E07 will define thyroid disorders for ICD-10.
  • Get ready to modify lipodystrophy diagnosis code using E code.
  • B35-B49: Set your mycoses ICD-10 coding straight.
  • Retain code function for ICD-10 H81.09 as 386.00.
  • Prepare for diagnosis changes with Meniere’s disease and related conditions.
  • Uncomplicate your mumps diagnosis by shifting to B26.9.
  • Your ‘other anomalies’ code 748.3 expands to more specific ‘other’ codes.
  • Draw the line from 474.12 to J35.2.
  • Find out how ICD-10-CM will impact “impacted cerumen” code 380.4.
  • Acute laryngitis remains easy coding with J04.0 in ICD-10.
  • Change to R04.0 for epistaxis under ICD-10.
  • Prepare for 4 new otalgia options.
  • Unspecified infective otitis externa codes expand, too.
  • Get to know expanded tonsillitis code set.
  • New ‘J’ code will replace 034.0 for strep throat Dx under ICD-10.
  •  And more!

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