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Optometry/Ophthalmology ICD-10 Handbook

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ICD-10 Coding & Documentation Quick-Reference Guide for Optometry/Ophthalmology Services

As eyecare professionals have found out since ICD-10 was announced, diagnosis coding under the new system can be far more complex than under ICD-9. The ICD-10-CM system consists of over 69,000 codes, compared to 14,000 (approximately) ICD-9-CM codes and brings specificity such as bilateral eye diagnosis codes. Without a reliable resource, your practice may lag behind in its ICD-10 preparation and witness payment hold-ups and reimbursement loss.

Optometry/Ophthalmology ICD-10 Coding & Documentation Challenges

Optometry/ophthalmology practices will see an increase in the number of ICD-10 codes; but much of the increase is because of bilateral eye diagnosis codes — right, left, bilateral or unspecified. For instance, in ICD-9, you reported procedures with modifiers RT (right) and LT (left); however in ICD-10, you will report most eye care diagnoses by eye or eyelid. Secondly, specificity is another issue that you will have to deal with.

ICD-9 Vs ICD-10 coding

You need to improve your ICD-9 coding to better understand your ICD-10 coding. Your practice won’t receive its deserved reimbursement if you don’t have a complete understanding of the ICD-10 coding changes.

Count on the Optometry/Ophthalmology ICD-10 Handbook to help you perfect your ICD-10 coding and documentation skills.

Take a look at some of the key topics included in this exhaustive handbook:

ICD-10 Codes for Optometry/Ophthalmology

  • ICD-10 expands conjunctivitis, blepharitis and dry eye code choices.
  • Use one code to report glaucoma type, location, stage.
  • Diabetes with ophthalmic manifestations: Check out the new Dx options.
  • Disorders of the eyelid: Narrow down on specific eyelid in ICD-10.

General ICD-10-CM Information

  • Demystify these 4 ICD-10 myths.
  • All ICD-9 codes do not expand into multiple options.
  • Expert tips to report late effects (sequela).
  • Apply this old ICD-9 rule to ICD-10.
  • 7 qualities of good documentation.

General ICD-10-PCS Information

  • Assess how PCS organizes root operations.
  • First step to Section “0” ICD-I0-PCS coding: identify the body system.
  • Identify the root operation to build your ICD-10-PCS code.
  • Determine the device value for your PCS code’s character – here’s how.

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