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Oncology ICD-10 Handbook

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Your Guide to ICD-10 Coding and Documentation for Oncology

After all the waiting, worrying, and training, ICD-10 is finally here. But that doesn’t mean the training has come to an end. Now’s the time to dig deeper with the new code set, so you can confidently choose the right code just as quickly as you did before.

With ICD-10 you’ll have more specific codes to report myeloid leukemia (AML) skin cancer based on type and site in the new code set. But when it comes to your provider reporting bladder neoplasms or dehydration, you’ll find the move from ICD-9 to ICD-10 is less complicated.

Remember: If your documentation isn’t up to snuff, or you report the wrong ICD-10 codes — you could face claim denials.

Latest Oncology Specific ICD-10 Guidance

Rely on the Oncology ICD-10 Handbook for on-target and authoritative advice to help you learn about ICD-10 guidelines and GEMs, get solutions to all your oncology-specific ICD-10 dilemmas, and master some of the documentation challenges you face.

Get a glimpse of the topics covered in the Oncology ICD-10 Handbook

  • C34.- offers multiple options for main bronchus neoplasm.
  • 202.8x will make way for C85.8- and C85.9-.
  • C67.- offers some good news for the ICD-10 transition.
  • 205.0x will be split multiple ways when ICD-10 arrives.
  • 185 and other prostate codes offer simple ICD-10 cross.
  • 198.5’s combination approach sees a change under ICD-10.
  • 153.8 makes way for C18.8, putting the focus on overlapping sites.
  • C22.- adds specificity to liver neoplasm coding.
  • V10.05 swaps places with Z85.030 for personal history of colon neoplasm.
  • 172.4 and C43.4 differ in 1 major way for melanoma coding.
  • Z15 and V84 trade places for coding neoplasm genetic susceptibility.
  • C56.- range offers distinct left and right ovary neoplasm options.
  • Multiple myeloma has no multiple options.
  • Navigate your way to the right neurofibromatosis codes.
  • And more!

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