Nonphysician Practitioner Handbook

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Ensure Full Pay for Your Services Provided by Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Other Nonphysician Practitioners

Knowing how to bill for your nonphysician practitioner (NPP) services is vital to your bottom line.

Clear away the confusion.

  • What are the general guidelines that Medicare and other payers apply toward reimbursement for NPP services?
  • What are incident-to services?
  • What are the incident-to billing rules?
  • What are shared services, and how do they differ from incident-to services?
  • What are the guidelines for shared services?
  • When should a practice bill patient care as a shared service?

Get answers to these questions, and so much more, with TCI’s Nonphysician Practitioner Handbook 2018. This invaluable resource lays out clear and comprehensive guidance to solve your NPP coding, billing, compliance, and documentation issues. 

Say goodbye to claim denials with expert advice and wield working knowledge of the complex NPP coding and billing regulations.

Leverage in-depth understanding and best-in-class tips for a great year of NPP revenue:

  • Here’s How the Split Visit Rule Can Save You a Fortune
  • Observe these shared & incident-to differences
  • Append modifier SA on NPP claims or risk denials
  • Submit This NPI for Full NPP Reimbursement
  • Dodge These Perennial E/M Issues Found in the CERT Report
  • Rely on Clip-and-Save Tools, including an Incident-To Audit Checklist
  • And whole lot more!

Get the clarity you need for prompt and optimal NPP reimbursement with TCI’s Nonphysician Practitioner Handbook 2018—and grow your bottom line.


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Stay on Top of Payer Requirements for NPP Billing & Shore Up Revenue

Navigate the troublesome requirements of incident-to billing, which causes 14.6% of E/M claims to be rejected. Earn 100% of allowable revenue for your NPP services, versus only 85%.

The Nonphysician Practitioner Handbook solves your NPP coding, billing, compliance, and documentation problems and makes accurate coding easy.

Capitalize on expert advice to interpret complex coding and billing rules. Packed with authoritative answers to questions from readers like you, the Nonphysician Practitioner Handbook tackles complex coding trouble spots—split-visit rules, prolonged services, FBR and infusion coding, and many others.

You’ll also get cost-saving, easy access clip-and-save tools to determine if you can bill your NPP’s service incident to the physician, avoid substitute physician billing challenges, and profit from an incident-to audit checklist.

Page after page gives you best-in-class advice to maximize revenue for your mid-level practitioner:

  • The pros and cons of adding a NPP staff: Here’s what you need to know. 
  • Follow 3 easy steps to keep your NPP coding incident free.
  • New MAC tip reminds practices what ancillary staff can — and cannot — document.
  • NPPs performing FBRs? Know the rules.
  • Does an NPP F2F require a physician’s signature? Here’s the answer.
  • Here’s how the split visit rule can save you a fortune.
  • Look to terminology to navigate the NPP maze.
  • Use this incident-to audit checklist to steer clear of claim missteps.
  • PA assisting at surgery? Check these tips to bill properly.
  • Use these case studies to teach your staff how to bill NPPs’ services incident-to the physician.
  • Avoid these F2F pitfalls.
  • Use these 3 tips to distinguish incident-to from split visits.
  • Follow expert advice for smart 'incident-to' billing.
  • Rely on split/shared visit coding in non-office settings.
  • NPP F2F does not require physician signature
  • Educate referring docs on new ACP billing clarifications.
  • Part B Coding Coach: Identify provider for psychological tests coding.
  • And so much more!


Don’t settle for default! Master NPP coding and billing with the Nonphysician Practitioner Handbook and say hello to a great year of revenue.

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