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Maximize Your Reimbursement for NPP Encounters

Not sure if you’re receiving optimal reimbursement for nonphysician practitioner (NPP) services? Hoping to avoid tragic billing and compliance mistakes for NPP services — leading to payer denials, partial payments, or worse yet, fraud?

Take back control with the Non-Physician Practitioner Handbook and solve your NPP billing and reimbursement dilemmas. Brought to you by The Coding Institute, our handbook includes authoritative documentation, billing, and compliance advice, top tips and hints to navigate payer regs, expertly answered readers’ questions, and tools for ethically maximizing reimbursement for NPP encounters, with an incident-to audit checklist and priceless tips for substitute physician billing.

Check out these must-have essentials in the Non-Physician Practitioner Handbook:

  • Boost your productivity and income by adding an NPP, but weigh the pros and cons first.
  • Follow 3 easy steps to keep your NPP coding incident free.
  • New MAC tip reminds practices what ancillary staff can — and cannot — document.
  • Use this incident-to 8-point checklist to avoid claim denials.
  • PA assisting at surgery? Check these tips to bill properly.
  • Quickly determine whether you can bill your NPPs service incident to the physician.
  • Avoid these F2F pitfalls.
  • Five ways to make your history documentation perfect.
  • And much more!

That’s not all! To help you wade through the ever-changing billing and reimbursement rules, we have an all-new 2016 Supplement for your handbook, which comes with over 30 articles covering CPT® 2016 new/revised codes for surgeries, tests, E/M, pathology/lab, and Category III cardiology codes, 2016 new/revised HCPCS codes, plus the latest expert advice on billing, compliance, and documentation rules, developing a scribe program, protecting PHI on mobile devices, POS updates, and advance care planning.

Heres a sneak peek at the hot topics in 2016 Supplement:

  • Follow incident-to rules, collect more cash.
  • Clear up consultation coding conundrums, regardless of the payer.
  • CPT® 2016 makes these 6 key Ob-gyn updates.
  • CPT® adjusts time designation for neurostimulations effective Jan.1.
  • General surgery changes for laryngoplasty.
  • New code for standard cerumen removal.
  • Review your code changes for lab and pathology with these 5 highlights.
  • And many more!

Don’t risk your bottom-line — learn the ins and outs of NPP billing now with the Non-Physician Practitioner Handbook! Add the 2016 Supplement for an arsenal of expert guidance and advice at your fingertips, and tackle billing for NPP encounters in record time.

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