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Neurosurgery ICD-10 Handbook

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A Concise Guide to ICD-10 Coding and Documentation Requirements for Neurosurgery

Now that ICD-10 has launched, as a neurosurgery coder you must be well-versed with new guidelines, documentation requirements, and the structure of more descriptive ICD-10 codes for neurosurgery.

While you may be reporting more specific codes to report back pain based on type and side, or spinal cord tumors based on site, you may also need to ensure accurate and specific documentation requirements for injuries in multiple spinal regions, or when your physician doesn’t specify the region of injury. The Neurosurgery ICD-10 Handbook gives you insights on how to meet new documentation standards for neurosurgery ICD-10 codes and get paid ethically what you deserve.

Latest Neurosurgery-Specific ICD-10 Resource Covering Coding Guidelines & Documentation Best Practices

Remember: If you do not meet the documentation requirements or apply an incorrect code, your claims risk denial!

Make sure you’re on the right track with our latest ICD-10 resource for neurosurgery — the Neurosurgery ICD-10 Handbook. This helpful guide includes guidance on neurosurgery ICD-10 codes, general ICD-10-CM/PCS information, GEMs details, and useful information on the new documentation requirements for neurosurgery. You’ll get a heads-up on how to report neurofibromatosis, cerebrovascular disease, contusions of head, intracranial and intraspinal abscesses, brain tumor, spondylolisthesis, bacterial meningitis, and much more.

A glimpse of what’s inside:

  • Bone up on Dx changes for intracerebral hemorrhage.
  • Specify kyphosis type to support osteotomy claims.
  • Lower back pain Dx gets more specific.
  • Take the pain out of pain Dx: Get confident on G89.
  • Let specific regions guide your radiculopathy Dx.
  • Expect to expand your coding options for non-meningitic complications of herpes zoster.
  • Take a sneak peek at correct coding for cerebral emboli.
  • Upgrade your hydrocephalus coding with these tips.
  • Coding a headache after trauma? You have a huge choice in codes.
  • Learn these easy steps for neurofibromatosis reporting.
  • Recast your late effects of cerebrovascular disease reporting.
  • Navigate your way through a plethora of dens fracture choices.
  • Pinpoint site to accurately report contusions of head in ICD-10.
  • Confirm chronicity for nontraumatic subdural hemorrhage.
  • ICD-10 switch is simple for intracranial and intraspinal abscesses.

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