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Neurology ICD-10 Handbook

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Get to know the importance of ICD-10.

The launch of ICD-10 has increased the neurologic diagnosis codes but has enhanced clinical documentation, improving the processes and leading to better care coordination and health outcomes. ICD-10 has created a space for adapting new technologies and procedures.

Impact of ICD-10 on Neurology Coding

As a neurology provider, substantial changes that came your way in the coding system requires complex training and significant involvement of your physicians, coder, billing staff and any area of neurology coding that used ICD-9.

For many common conditions, such as diabetic polyneuropathy and neck pain, neurologist has one-to-one conversions, whereas more coding options are available to report diagnosis such as Alzheimer’s disease, organic sleep apnea, and complex coding is required while reporting migraines.

don’t let your reimbursement slip out of your hands

Master ICD-10 coding to avoid claim denials and get the desired reimbursement with the help of Neurology ICD-10 Handbook. Don’t let payers squeeze out your revenue. Neurology ICD-10 Handbook is also a one-of-its-kind- resource to guide you on an accurate training process, documentation change, and much more…

Here’s what the Neurology ICD-10 Handbook 2015 offers::

  • Prepare for many more options for acquired spondylolysis.
  • Move from 2 codes to 1 for diabetic polyneuropathy.
  • Prepare for site-specific lumbago, sciatica choices.
  • G89 family will bring chronic, acute pain options.
  • Check out new cubital tunnel syndrome options from ICD-10.
  • Late effects of cerebrovascular disease gets ICD-10 overhaul.
  • Fibromyalgia diagnoses will get more specific.
  • Coding options for Parkinson’s disease get more specific with ICD-10.
  • 719.4x expands to more joint pain options with M25.5--.
  • Brush up on A&P when prepping for ICD-10 conversion.
  • Regions are important to report radiculopathy.
  • 2 codes help you capture phantom limb pain.
  • Watch these changes for non-meningitic complications of herpes zoster.
  • ICD-10 gets more specific for anatomical location of cerebral emboli.
  • Equip yourself with ICD-10 codes to report hydrocephalus.
  • Tactics take the ache out of your migraine diagnosis reporting.
  • Identify these hidden signs to correctly report neurofibromatosis.
  • Focus on age — not severity — for Alzheimer’s disease reporting.
  • Don’t let epilepsy reporting make you feel jittery.
  • Don’t miss these 5 top changes for pain management under ICD-10.
  • And more!


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