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Modifier Coding Handbook

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ISBN No:978-1-63012-500-4

Your Go-To Source for All Your Modifier Coding Needs

Modifiers can make or break the accuracy of your coding. If you aren’t using them correctly, your claims may be delayed or denied and your practice may lose some of the reimbursement money it deserves. When you misuse a modifier, you run the risk of creating a billing error that can cause payment delays, complete claim denials, or even audits. Don’t take any chances; our experts will give you the latest modifier information in our comprehensive reference book: the Modifier Coding Handbook (2nd edition).

Four new modifiers are making an appearance: XE, XS, XP, and XU. You’ll need to know when it’s appropriate to use one of these modifiers instead of modifier 59. The Modifier Coding Handbook (2nd edition) is packed full of the information you need to make an educated decision about using these, and other, modifiers. Coding examples will help you gain insight into the four new modifiers.

In addition to the new modifiers, you’ll find descriptions and expert advice on using other modifiers, too. Whether you are wondering if you can use modifier 25 to separately report a procedure and an office visit, are confused about whether to append 52 or 53 for an incomplete procedure, or are hoping to capture additional reimbursement using modifier 22, the Modifier Coding Handbook (2nd Edition) has the answer you need.

The second edition of the Modifier Coding Handbook will outline these topics and more:

  • Review published X{ESPU} examples some payers are offering.
  • Surprise! Modifier 59 for repeat procedures may not fly.
  • Brush up on your 5 coronary modifiers.
  • Use severity modifiers with physiotherapy treatment to complete your coding.
  • Reduce denials with correct use of modifier 50.
  • Dispel 5 modifier 24 myths.
  • Replace confusion with expertise when using modifier 57.
  • Explore these modifier 78 possibilities when addressing surgical complications.
  • Use this 4 step plan to justify reporting modifier 23.
  • Recognize 2 lab modifiers to capture same-day test payment.
  • Grab modifier GG for mammogram screening and diagnostic in same day.


Step up your modifier expertise with the Modifier Coding Handbook (2nd Edition) today. Call 1-800-508-2582 or click the link above to get your copy of this must-have coding book right away!

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