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ISBN No:978-1-630-12479-3

Get Advice to Reduce Your Medicare Compliance Risk and Boost Your Bottom Line.

Increased federal scrutiny in 2016 is making Medicare compliance even more challenging for facilities and physician practices. The reality is that even an innocent, unintentional error might be misinterpreted as willful fraud. And staying profitable in the wake of reimbursement cuts is a constant struggle. You need to keep current with the latest updates from Capitol Hill to the fee schedule, enrolment process, documentation guidelines for compliant reimbursement, PECOS, NPP reimbursements, OIG target areas, ABN form updates, Medicare MSP standards, and more.

If reducing your Medicare compliance risks and improving your reimbursement flow are top priorities, you’ll need the expert guidance offered in the all new Medicare Compliance & Reimbursement Insider. The expert advice you’ll get in this handbook will ensure you are on track to reduce your Medicare compliance risks, will provide you with regulatory updates, and will help improve your reimbursement flow.

Our nationally recognized Medicare compliance experts provide you with real-world advice and practical strategies for staying compliant in a host of areas.

Here’s a sample of the topics we’ve covered in this brand-new handbook:

  • Advance Beneficiary Notices: Reduce risk of fraud or abuse allegations.
  • Tips help you avoid costly billing errors in early 2016.
  • Overlooking these E/M tips could cost your practice $5000 each year.
  • Interpreting your PEPPER report is much easier than you realize.
  • Stay on the right side of your next audit with these 3 lessons.
  • Your reimbursement could hinge on outcomes come 2016.
  • HHPPS: Improve outcomes or put your reimbursement at risk.


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