Medical Coding Books

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Medical Coding Books

Medical Coding Books That Go Above and Beyond to Serve You Better

TCI equips you for speed and accuracy—making your job easier and your practice more profitable.

  • Designed by Coders for Coders. We understand how minutes add up. We’ve experienced your frustrations and know precisely what you need in a coding resource.

All our medical coding books are designed with you in mind-to eliminate tedious searching and increase your productivity. What’s more, we’re constantly brainstorming for new ingenuities. Standing on our promise to better serve you, we deliver new layout and design enhancements year after year.

  • Best-in-class Tips, Guidance, and Expert Advice. You know exactly what you’re doing with each coding decision you make with a TCI book in hand. That’s our goal, and we don’t stop until we’re certain we’ve achieved it.

Our nationally-renowned experts think of everything and pour their very best guidance into each resource. You get all the codes, descriptions, guidelines, annotations, tables, and step-by-step tips written in an easy-to-follow language.

You get the best with TCI.

For bulk orders and discounts, call 1-800-508-2582 or e-mail service@codinginstitute.com