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Handbook on Medical Billing Terminology

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Tackle the complexities of medical billing with TCI’s comprehensive and customized dictionary-type reference at your fingertips!

Are you a coder needing a quick resource for billing? Are you a medical billing specialist in need of a resource guide to make your job easier? Would learning medical billing terms improve your on-the-job speed?

The Handbook on Medical Billing Terminology is a unique billing resource that provides you with the supporting information you need to command the complexities of medical billing.

Don’t stay in the dark and stumble over the lingo. Master your billing challenges with page after page of easy-access info:

  • Comprehensive list of 600+ billing and reimbursement terms with definitions written in easy to understand language, including common Medicare and Medicaid terms, so that you can become familiar with billing processes and regulatory agencies
  • 42 full-page anatomical illustrations to guide you as you read descriptions of services and procedures
  • One-page CPT® modifier lookup with lay descriptions, definition, explanation, and tips in simple to read language—to clear up confusion of when and how to apply them
  • One-page HCPCS modifier lookup with lay descriptions, definition, explanation, and tips in plain English so you know how and when to use them
  • Lists of prefixes, suffixes, abbreviations, and eponyms commonly used in coding
  • Place of service (POS) and type of service (TOS) lists
  • Everything you need to know about CMS-1500 claim forms, including sample forms and guided instructions
  • UB-04 claim forms made easy with sample forms and demonstrated instructions


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