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MDS Companion Handbook

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ISBN No:978-1-630-12607-0

MDS Companion Handbook – Your expert guide to coding, training, and reimbursement under the MDS 3.0 and RAI Manual

Accurately completing the MDS 3.0 for every resident and every assessment is no small task. In addition to the day-to-day documentation demands, you have to keep an eye on getting the reimbursement your facility deserves.  And with CMS pushing for a Medicare payment structure that focuses more on value and less on volume of care, your MDS coding and quality reporting are more crucial than ever before.

To keep up with the latest MDS coding advice, as well as the most recent RAI Manual updates that impact your reimbursement and compliance, you need a trusted resource that explains in plain English exactly what you need to know to complete your MDS assessments accurately and in a timely manner. Because the RAI Manual updates aren’t always easy to understand, you’ll need expert analyses and explanations of MDS changes so that your coding and documentation requirements are clear.

The Coding Institute is pleased to bring you the MDS Companion Handbook, your expert guide to coding, training, and reimbursement under the MDS 3.0 and RAI Manual.

Here’s a sample of the key areas covered in MDS Companion Handbook :

  • MDS 3.0: How the newest RAI manual update will change your MDS coding.
  • RAI manual: Look for changes both big & small sprinkled throughout the MDS.
  • You’re not done yet: Section O gets a few key updates. 
  • Which MDS items look different now?
  • RAI manual overhaul: Watch for key changes in Chapter 2.
  • Examine 6 revised & replaced diagrams & tables.
  • COT OMRA and RUG-IV therapy group confusion? Heed 3 examples.
  • Take a closer look at the new completion standards for COT OMRA policy.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of key MDS 3.0 changes.
  • Clear up your coding confusion over new item A1900.
  • 3 Examples illustrate A1600 & A1900 coding interplay.
  • Official guidance: Finally, CMS gives you clarification on entry/reentry coding.
  • Learn correct A1600 — A1900 coding from 4 new examples.
  • Watch for 2 revised figures in RAI manual changes.
  • And much more …


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