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Master Denials Management & Appeals 2019

Master Denials Management & Appeals Handbook
ISBN: 978-1-63527-625-1
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Ensure optimum reimbursement with TCI’s best-in-class denials and appeals management solutions.

Is rework a problem for your coding and billing team? If your practice is like most, you’re constantly fighting to avoid denials and conquer your appeals backlog. It’s time to defeat your high denial rate with the help you need. Beat the denials game once and for all and come out ahead in 2019.

Master Denials Management & Appeals 2019 takes on the burdensome denials challenge with user-friendly guidance and proven strategies that solve the gamut of reasons for denials—from lack of medical necessity, insufficient documentation, billing, coding, and modifier errors, and limited payer policy know-how.

Say goodbye to rework, frustration, and appeals confusion as TCI experts walk you through submitting clean claims and appeals processes, step-by-step. Leverage best practices to avoid denials, map out a solid plan for pre-claim review, capitalize on effective billing and coding techniques to maximize revenue, and take the guesswork out of documentation and compliance to ensure claims payment success. You’ll also sharpen your E/M coding skills and ramp up your coding and billing across specialties for clean claims.

With Master Denials Management & Appeals 2019, you will:

  • Stop Denials in 2019: Straighten out Your Appeals Processes in the New Year
  • Get to Know Important 2019 MPFS Final Rule Changes on Documentation
  • Put on Your Lead Investigator Hat and Appeal Your Denials
  • Use These 8 Pointers To Prepare For Medical Review
  • Find Out How to Analyze Your Denials to Improve Your Appeals Odds
  • Nail Down Crucial Link Between Documentation and Medical Necessity
  • Find Out Why Inadequate Notes Result in Over 50 Percent of Improper Payments
  • Cut Down on Denials with This Handy Primer
  • Stop Procrastinating on Appeals With These Expert Tips
  • Use Data in Remittance Advice to Boost Bottom Line
  • Untangle Misunderstandings About Changes In Medicare Non-Coverage
  • Use Caution When You Code Concurrent Care
  • Nail Down When to Use Payer Policy for Coverage Clues
  • Know These 5 Keys to Medicare Pay With The Beginner's Guide To Medicare
  • Sort Out 3 Modifier Choices for Clean 'Assistant' Claims
  • Get the Scoop on Why MA Claims are on the OIG's Watch List
  • Locate 3 Key Pieces of Critical Information Before Coding Based on Time
  • Discover Top Secrets Coding Errors That CMS Evaluated
  • Know These 3 Guidelines for On-Target Time Coding
  • Get the Scoop on When to Code for Screening Colonoscopy, E/M
  • Count on This System to Find MDM Level
  • Take Advantage of When Time Plays in Your Favor
  • Stop Confusing Medical Necessity With Medical Decision-Making
  • Take This I&D Coding Advice, Avoid Drain on Your Bottom Line
  • Test Your Modifier Smarts with These 5 Coding Conundrums
  • And so much more!

Avert denial disasters. Leverage Master Denials Management & Appeals 2019 instead to secure your hard-earned revenue.

ORDER ONLINE or call 1-800-508-2582 to get your copy today!

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