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ISBN No:978-1-630-12483-0

The mounting scrutiny over HIPAA privacy and security enforcement this year — combined with the now astronomical fines you can incur — means that you can’t let your guard down at all, where protected health information (PHI) is concerned.

Understanding and complying with the HIPAA regulations is essential to your organization’s financial future. Don’t let HIPAA’s new, significantly higher fines — including mandatory minimum fines of $10,000 for willful neglect of compliance — take you by surprise.

With all these penalties and audits taking place, you need a resource by your side to reduce your HIPAA breach dangers, tighten up your electronic health record (EHR) privacy, update business associate agreements, and learn how to create a good risk analysis plan. You need the HIPAA Handbook.

Brought to you by The Coding Institute, our nationally-recognized HIPAA compliance experts cut through the jargon and guide you with field-tested best strategies for staying risk free — and penalty free.

Heres just a sample of the outstanding analysis and practical advice you’ll get in this newly updated HIPAA Handbook:

  • Learn these lessons from the biggest HIPAA settlement to-date.
  • How much could you pay for your BA’s mistakes?
  • Watch out for sophisticated malware breaching your systems from overseas.
  • How you can overcome HIPAA lawsuits based on ‘speculative’ claims.
  • Will your general liability policy cover security breaches?
  • Make photography and recordings part of your HIPAA policies.
  • How your HIPAA obligations regarding same-sex marriage have changed
  • Understand the 6 major risk categories for your risk assessment.
  • What’s the biggest HIPAA issue for EHR implementation?
  • What to do when another provider refuses to release records.
  • Weigh the benefits vs. the risks of storing data in the cloud.
  • And much more …

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