Healthcare Financial Management

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Healthcare Financial Management

Healthcare Financial Management

Margin pressure is mounting for many. For some organizations, financial margin is non-existent. The challenge of raising the quality of care amidst reimbursement reform has become a universal dilemma. And while the dilemma is real, it represents a learning curve—not an impregnable obstacle.  

Rise beyond today’s challenges with TCI’s end-to-end financial solutions for your healthcare agency.

  • Financial Intelligence for Physician Practices —  Arm yourself with financial planning processes and tools, such as SMART goals and SWOT. This resource will show you how to win at the insurance game, how to employ intelligent marketing, and how to use proven methods like Kaizen, Six Sigma, 5S, and Value-Stream Mapping.  
  • Revenue Cycle Management for the Physician Office — This resource will revamp your understanding of redeterminations and reconsiderations, equip you to check payer policies, and help you master your supply billing. Overcome the pitfalls of claims management, collections, accounts receivable, audits, appeals, and more.
  • Medical Collections Primer — Create a solid financial policy, boost your benefits verification, verify your contracts for collections, capture every allowable non-par dollar—and more—with the vital resource.
  • Master Denials Management & Appeals — This resource walks you through claim and appeal processes, step-by-step, with best-in-class guidance so that you make the right coding decision at the right time and ethically maximize your reimbursement with minimal time and effort.
  • Secrets of Profitable Practices — With reimbursement pressure and overwhelming compliance requirements, you need more than theories to thrive. You need practicable and effective strategies to grow your practice. Rely on this resource to unveil often overlooked methods that avert problems and promote opportunities.
  • Let's Make a Deal: Smart Growth Strategies for Physician Practice Entrepreneurs — For your practice to thrive, you've got to be smart about equipment loan consolidation, inventory, hiring, bringing on new associates, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, and more. This handbook delivers tried-and-true tactics that get what you need from payers, vendors, and other third-party contractors.
  • Part B Answers Handbook — This resource lays out CPT® coding updates, along with expert advice to help you meet the challenges of modifier use, ICD-10-CM coding and documentation, and techniques to avoid appeals and ensure your practice is HIPAA compliant.
  • Part B Insider  – Sharpen your Part B coding accuracy with our monthly Medicare-focused newsletter and get strategies from Part B experts, searchable archives dating back to 2003, and 14 annually-updated Survival Guides, including Part B Insider Survival Guide.