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2017 HCPCS Level II Advisor

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Improve Your HCPCS Coding for Services, Supplies, Drugs, and DME with the 2017 Expanded HCPCS Coding Manual.

Don’t miss out on one penny of reimbursement - rely on the 2017 HCPCS Level II Advisor for the latest code updates to bill supplies, equipment, and drugs to Medicare and many other payers. Bonus features include a fold-out cover with 2017 HCPCS modifiers and anesthesia, ambulatory, and ambulance modifiers – plus, a HCPCS coding procedures tutorial.

Customized essential features shore up your reimbursement:

  • Newly-expanded alphabetic index with hundreds of additional entries
  • Over 5,000 HCPCS codes with full code descriptors
  • New/Revised/Deleted codes for 2017 with a deleted codes crosswalk
  • HCPCS G Codes to CPT® crosswalk
  • Table of Drugs and Biologicals including brand-name drugs and generic drugs
  • Colored anatomical illustrations
  • Pub 100 references
  • Place of service and type of service lists
  • Medicare Unlikely Edits (MUEs)
  • PQRS Table with HCPCS Code Numerator and Corresponding Denominator


*Plus, our coding educators added even more benefits beyond the basic features:

  • Column 1 and column 2 CCI edits
  • General correct coding policies
  • Dictionary-style headers and color-coded bleed tabs, including the first and last code on each page
  • Color coding and symbols throughout the Tabular List for:
    • Male only/Female only/Age
    • APC status indicators
    • ASC approved procedure/ ASC payment indicator
    • Special coverage instructions apply
    • Not payable by Medicare/Noncovered by Medicare/ Noncovered by Medicare statute/Paid under the DME fee schedule/Carrier judgement
    • AHA Coding Clinic® article references
    • New code/Revised code
    • PQRS code


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