HCPCS Level II Advisor 2018

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Shore Up Your Coding & Reimbursement for Supplies, Drugs, & DME Using this Practical Code Book

Master coding for supplies, drugs, and DME, and ensure that your practice is getting the reimbursement it deserves with the HCPCS Level II Advisor 2018.

Approved by AHIMA as a study reference for CCS-P® Certification, the HCPCS Level II Advisor 2018 is brimming with rules for code usage, expert guidance, and best-in-class tips on code selection—as well as 2018 HCPCS code updates with lay descriptions for each. And navigation couldn’t be easier!

Nail coding accuracy every time and reap the reimbursement you’ve earned with these vital features:

  • New, revised, and deleted HCPCS codes for 2018 (with a deleted codes crosswalk)
  • HCPCS G codes to CPT® crosswalk
  • 5,000+ HCPCS codes with complete code descriptors in everyday language
  • Table of Drugs and Biologicals, including more brand-name drugs and generic drugs
  • Full-colored anatomical illustrations
  • Pub 100 references
  • Comprehensive alphabetic index with hundreds of additional entries
  • Medicare Unlikely Edits (MUEs)


PLUS — Power up your coding and billing with these additional features:

  • Correct coding policies
  • CCI edits (Column 1 and Column 2)
  • Dictionary-style headers and color-coded bleed tabs
  • Color coding and symbols throughout the Tabular List for:
    • Male only, female only & age
    • APC status indicators
    • ASC approved procedure/ ASC payment indicator
    • Special coverage instructions apply
    • Not payable by Medicare/Noncovered by Medicare/ Noncovered by Medicare statute/Paid under the DME fee schedule/Carrier judgement
    • Article references from AHA Coding Clinic®
    • New & revised codes
  • And more!


Sharpen your skills and win the reimbursement you deserve with speedy access to recent code updates for billing services, supplies, equipment, and drugs with the HCPCS Level II Advisor 2018!

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