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Learn vital coding tips to stay on track with ICD-10!

Now is the time to make the change to ICD-10. There isn’t much time left to make sure your general surgery practice is read to transition to the new diagnosis code set.

As a general surgeon, you need to understand how to document more specifically to include all of the details ICD-10 requires.  As a coder, you’ll need to understand the differences between ICD-9 and ICD-10 guidelines that affect general surgery. For instance, you’ll have more specific codes to report skin cancer based on type and site and Barrett’s esophagus based on the presence or absence of dysplasia.

Don’t risk your reimbursement by being unprepared!

Count on the General Surgery ICD-10 Handbook to help you get ready. Brought to you by The Coding Institute, this helpful guide will walk you through the changing guidelines, show you the process updates you’ll need to make, and point out the documentation changes you need to start implementing now.

Here are some of the general surgery-specific pointers the General Surgery ICD-10 Handbook will cover:

  • Hiatal hernia still hinges on congenital.
  • 789.5 expands to ascites R18 and K70.
  • ICD-10 ‘retained foreign body’ additions mirror ICD-9.
  • 555 to K50: Get specific about complications with sixth digits.
  • Distinguish ‘burns’ from ‘corrosions.’
  • 455 to I84 moves hemorrhoid Dx from 4 digits to 6.
  • 728.86 to M72.6: Expect direct crosswalk for necrotizing fasciitis.
  • K38 ICD-10 codes expand ICD-9 appendicitis specificity.
  • Tap Z85.038 for personal history of colon cancer.
  • C50 incorporates 174-175.
  • 2-code pressure ulcer becomes just 1 for ICD-10.
  • 172 to C43, D03: Look for 2 melanoma families in ICD-10.
  • D05: Expand beyond 233.0 for breast cancer in situ.
  • V85 to Z68: Take a straight BMI path from ICD-9 to ICD-10.
  • Add ‘excess calories’ to obesity documentation.
  • 530.85 translates to more distinct choices in ICD-10.
  • I82.4-- names vessels for lower extremity embolism/thrombosis.
  • 870-897 open wound options explode to S00-S99 ICD-10 categories.
  • Z12.11 replaces V76.51 for screening colonoscopy.
  • Expand ulcerative colitis options in ICD-10.
  • Add perforation and more to your diverticulosis choices.


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