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Face-to-Face Documentation Handbook

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ISBN No:978-1-630-12611-7

Understand the key components of the face-to-face rule and guard against F2F claims denials

While home health agencies happily bid goodbye to the face-to-face physician narrative requirement in 2015, they aren't welcoming the stipulation taking its place — medical review of the certifying physician’s medical record to prove eligibility for home care.

To succeed under the new requirements, you’ll need to review the issues created by the new face-to-face regulation and carefully consider what your agency needs to do for face-to-face compliance. That means you’d better pull your F2F documentation into gear before denials cripple your cash flow.

The Face-to-Face Documentation Handbook will provide you updated knowledge to keep your reimbursement safe against F2F scrutiny that’s heavier than ever. Benefit from dozens of expert tips for compliance from industry veterans.

Key Areas Covered In This Report:

  • HHAs’ hopes for F2F relief dashed in 2015 Final Rule.
  • HHAs lost on retroactive relief for physician narrative.
  • Use these 8 tips to comply with F2F change before it’s too late.
  • Check out these offerings to stock your doc training toolbox.
  • Ready, set, go on educating docs about F2F.
  • CMS offers new F2F form for physicians.
  • Who can perform F2F?
  • Palmetto GBA racks up sky high F2F denial rates.
  • OIG shoots down 1/3 of claims reviewed due to F2F.
  • Employ these 6 strategies to prevent F2F meltdown.
  • Deploy these 8 strategies to defend against F2F scrutiny.
  • Use this F2F form to help your docs fulfill requirement.
  • Avoid these F2F pitfalls.
  • Use these 8 tips to tackle F2F requirement.
  • Steer clear of F2F violations with medical directors.
  • How much help can you give docs on F2F?


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