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Dermatology ICD-10 Handbook

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In-Depth ICD-10 Coding, Billing and Documentation Advice for Dermatology Practices

Improve Your Dermatology ICD-10 Coding & Documentation Requirements from Dermatology ICD-10 Handbook

Your practice won’t receive the reimbursement it deserves if you don’t have a complete understanding of the ICD-10 coding changes. For instance, the coding options for malignant melanoma of skin (172.x) expand significantly in ICD-10. Apart from more specificity in body location, the new diagnosis codes will distinguish between malignant, melanoma, and melanoma in situ.

You’ll also need to update your documentation standards in your practice to make certain you’re capturing the increased detail required by the more specific ICD-10 codes.

ICD 10 Dermatology Codes and Documentation Challenges

Is your practice ready for the major ICD-10 coding and documentation challenges?

Avoid pitfalls and be prepared with the Dermatology ICD-10 Handbook — a how-to coding guide developed exclusively for dermatology coders and providers. This practical guide will help dermatology practices stay on track with ICD-10 guidelines and GEMs, documentation best practices, general ICD-10-CM and PCS coding information, dermatology ICD-10 coding scenarios, and more. You’ll learn how to report skin cancer based on type and site and pressure ulcers based on site, laterality, and stage.

Take a look at some of the topics covered in this exclusive ICD-10 dermatology handbook:

  • Look for C43, D03 melanoma families in ICD-10.
  • Look for close malignant skin neoplasm crosswalk.
  • Get specific with pressure ulcer coding in ICD-10.
  • Psoriasis coding gains more specificity.
  • Varicose vein diagnoses branch out in 2015.
  • Look for new contact dermatitis codes.
  • Spot the right acne Dx code.
  • New choices shine through for sunburn and UV radiation.
  • Don’t get zapped when radiation-related disorders codes change.
  • Keep clear of viral warts diagnosis confusion.
  • 701 series ends up all over the ICD-10 map.
  • And more!


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