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Whether you code for a primary care practice, a complex multi-specialty surgical practice, or an ambulatory surgical center, operative reports cross your desk on a regular basis. Even minor procedures require detailed notes that point you in the right direction for selecting the proper code.

But operative reports can be daunting! These records are often long and full of complex information. Coders are not sure what information is critical and what information can be disregarded. If you miss critical information or confuse similar anatomical terms, you could cost your surgeon hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

The Deciphering Operative Reports handbook can help. In this book coding experts, Marcella Bucknam, CPC, CCS-P, COC, CCS, CPC-P, CPC-I, CCC, COBC, and Adam Sandes, BS, CPC, give you all the knowledge you need to tackle operative reports with ease and accuracy.

Learning to easily read surgical documentation will improve coding and reimbursement for virtually any specialty. As a coder, it will also expand your career opportunities. With a little practice, you will be able to code surgical services without difficulty, and this heightened confidence will help you code correctly and assist you in communicating with providers and payers.

Rely on our Deciphering Operative report to give you the coding fundamentals you need to wade through operative notes and dig out the proper procedure and diagnostic codes. Empower yourself with must-have information such as:

  • Key terms you need to know
  • Basic relevant anatomy tutorials
  • Tips on how to find the diagnosis in the report
  • An explanation of what the surgical package is and how it affects your coding
  • Pointers on what an operative report will look like, regardless of the surgeon
  • Recommendations on how to help your surgeon avoid missing critical information
  • Secrets to recognizing changes to a planned procedure
  • Notes on how to report bilateral and unusual procedures
  • And more!

Bonus: Throughout the book you’ll find real-world operative report examples from real surgeons with key details highlighted and dissected to show you exactly how to find the relevant information, no matter how your surgeon documents a procedure.

Operative coding will always offer challenges due to the quality of individual documentation, changing terminology and rules, and new procedures and codes. No one can learn to code for operative services and then be done with the need to keep up with changes in technology, changes in payer rules, and other differences between providers and locations. You need to keep learning.

Gathering the basics and learning the terminology and key documentation needed to assign codes is well within your reach, however. The Deciphering Operative Reports book is your go-to resource and offers the opportunity to expand your skills and support your physicians.

As always, you are protected by our 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. You have nothing to lose and a wealth of knowledge to gain.

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