Cybersecurity for Physician Practices

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The time to plot out your practice’s security response plan is before a cyberattack wreaks havoc. Even better is to shore up all fronts and nail shut your risk of HIPAA security breaches.

But how? you wonder, when you’re no longer sure where the frontlines in the cyber battle for security lie.

Our experts at TCI illuminate the danger zones and provide actionable tactics to fortify each. In Cybersecurity for Physician Practices: A Practical, Step-by-Step Guide to Protect Patient & Practice Information, we walk you through HIPAA security regulations in plain English — while offering concrete compliance measures to safeguard your practice.

Mastering evolving HIPAA security regulations has never been more urgent. You’ll learn the ins and outs of training your staff to recognize when their workstation has become infected, how to protect your workstations, how to execute business agreements and perform due diligence on your vendors, how to restrict access to your facilities, and more!

Wield proactive measures today with:

  • Expert strategies to help your practice build and maintain a culture of security
  • Real-life security scenarios so you and your staff understand and remember the security risks physician practices face
  • Language to clear up security policies and procedures communication
  • Training material to power up your staff and turn your workforce into gatekeepers
  • Know your facts with links to guidance from federal regulators
  • Manage risk and stay out of hot water with HIPAA security compliance

Ward off cyber threats with:

  • Risk analysis & management strategies
  • Understanding client-server EHR vs. cloud-based EHR and related HIPAA compliance
  • What you must know about cyber attacks
  • 35 questions to ask your EHR, PM & cloud vendor
  • How to keep pace with evolving technology
  • Security Risk Assessment Tool (SRA Tool)
  • What is workforce security? Authorize who has access to PHI
  • Information access management
  • What are business associates and agreements—and why are they necessary
  • What to do when a vendor claims it isn’t a business associate
  • How to handle your EHR vendor contracts
  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) brief overview: Action steps to comply
  • State attorneys general brief overview: Action steps to comply
  • Physical and technical safeguards
  • And a whole lot more!


Prevent disaster with critical HIPAA security and audit initiatives. Order the Cybersecurity for Physician Practices: A Practical, Step-by-Step Guide to Protect Patient & Practice Information today!

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