2017 Comprehensive Physician Bundle 2

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Get the consummate 2017 Comprehensive Physician Bundle 2 and save on your coding resources!

Zip through your coding and compliance trouble spots with our 2017 Comprehensive Physician Bundle 2 and master procedure, diagnosis, and supplies coding, billing, and compliance rules and requirements. With the 2017 Comprehensive Physician Bundle 2, you’ll accelerate your workflow — and ethically optimize your reimbursements!

  • HCPCS Level II AdvisorRule the day with quick access to the most recent code updates for billing supplies, equipment, and drugs to Medicare and additional payers. You’ll find an index and tabular list for services, supplies, durable medical equipment, and drugs that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) developed. As well, we’ve created a bonus fold-out cover with 2017 HCPCS modifiers and included a HCPCS coding procedures tutorial. Isn’t it time you get the reimbursement you’ve earned?
  • 2017 ICD-10-CM for Physicians and Hospitals: TCI’s 2017 ICD-10-CM for Physicians and Hospitals delivers over 1900+ code updates and is chockfull of invaluable features to cinch ethical and maximum reimbursement in 2017.
  • Procedural Coding Advisor: Find the right codes without being directed through pages in our well designed 2017 Procedural Coding Advisor. We’ve laid out the full 2017 CPT® code set, including complete code descriptors, E/M coding guidance and tips, HCPCS G-codes-to-CPT® crosswalk, and PQRS codes — in addition to facility and non-facility RUVs, global days, MUEs, ASC payment indicators, and more.
  • E/M Handbook + Supplement: Don’t let E/M coding confusion invite claim denials or accusations of abuse that could lead to penalties. Pick up the Evaluation and Management Coding Handbook and solve your E/M coding troubles once and for all. The Evaluation and Management Coding Handbook provides more than 120 pages of E/M coding guidance—as well as level-of-service audit templates and full-page 1997 MDM calculation worksheets to make coding your E/M encounters fast and correct. To help you navigate the mire of rules and regulations for E/M coding and auditing, we’ve also included a supplement for your Evaluation and Management Coding Handbook that covers the spectrum of updates.
  • Procedural Reference Guide for CodersDon’t let your bottom line suffer claim denials. Rid confusion and vague descriptions today. Get the 2017 CPT® code changes — with plain English lay descriptions for every CPT® code and best-in-class guidance.

Eliminate claim denials and overcome your compliance risks.

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