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Clinical Laboratory Coding Handbook

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Your complete resource for laboratory coding, billing, and reimbursement

Staying compliant with ever-changing and often uncertain coding, billing, and reimbursement rules is a continuous challenge for clinical laboratories, especially as new test codes continue to roll in. Add to that obstacles such as ever-evolving test technologies, changing clinical applications, and complex coverage rules for services such as molecular testing and drug screening.

Turn to the Clinical Laboratory Coding Handbook to find the answers you need. Let us help you make sure that the payment you get today is all that you deserve, and won’t be lost in an audit tomorrow.

Changes Affecting Clinical Laboratory Coding in 2015 and 2016

2015 has been a tough year for lab coders with 107 new and 32 revised CPT® codes, including an overhaul of how you report drug screening and therapeutic drug assays. Plus, ICD-10 implementation added to the challenges.

Now you’re facing more changes for 2016 with updates to CPT®, ICD-10, the Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule, CCI edits, HIPAA and CLIA compliance, and more. That’s why you need the Clinical Laboratory Coding Handbook to help you prepare before the changes hit your lab’s bottom line.

One-Stop Solution to All Your Laboratory Coding Needs

Here’s an example of some of the must-know information you’ll have at your fingertips with the Clinical Laboratory Coding Handbook:

  • A quick checkup for your ICD-10 use
  • Hot tips for molecular pathology coding
  • Valuable drug-test coding tool to help you straddle CPT® versus CMS rules
  • Well-defined understanding of coding for hematology and coagulation tests
  • Inventory of panel tests — and the rules for reporting more or fewer tests
  • Snapshot of Medicare’s code edit programs (CCI and MUE), and how they can impact your bottom line
  • Insights into “next generation” molecular coding
  • Key to maneuvering MAAA coverage
  • Instructions to master laboratory modifiers
  • Outline for Tier 1 and Tier 2 molecular diagnostics
  • Tips for demonstrating “medical necessity”
  • Roadmap for HIPAA and CLIA compliance
  • A peek at the lab test pricing overhaul instituted by PAMA
  • And more!

Those are just a few of the reasons you need the Clinical Laboratory Coding Handbook to tackle your lab’s most pressing coding and compliance needs.

We know you’ll value this special handbook, and if you don’t we will return your money through our 100% money-back guarantee. Call 1-800-508-2582 or click the link above to order your copy of this essential resource today!

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