Clinical Documentation Sourcebook 2018

Clinical Documentation Sourcebook
ISBN: 978-1-63527-409-7
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Did you know that insufficient documentation accounts for a whopping 64.1% of Medicare’s 2017 improper payment error rate?

Inadequately documenting ICD-10 codes at the point of care leads to inaccurate reimbursement, clinician/coder EHR dissatisfaction, inefficient clinical workflow, and a loss of productivity—all of which are costly—these are but a few of the documentation hotspots to hurt revenue and invite auditors.

Learn how to spot and deal with shortcomings and inconsistencies in provider documentation. Triumph over the biggest challenges for clinical documentation improvement (CDI) in ICD-10 and get the inside scoop on CDI for EMRs, E/M, hospice, home health, and more

The Clinical Documentation Sourcebook 2018 is the extensive guide filled with page after page of helpful insights to guide you in developing or expanding the qualities necessary to meet and manage clinical documentation guidelines. If you’re struggling to increase revenue, improve the quality of patient care, or develop a stronger data source for healthcare analytics, TCI’s Clinical Documentation Sourcebook 2018 is for you!

Take a look at the high-impact guidance in this invaluable resource:

  • Get the inside scoop on coding pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Jumpstart your coding with our Clip & Save CDI Coding Tips for Conditions
  • Learn the essential steps for prepping for an audit—from the auditor’s perspective
  • Shore up deficiencies in documentation with our multi-specialty pointers
  • Grasp the ins and outs of documenting to defend medical necessity
  • Master the general principles of documentation from CMS
  • Strengthen communication by detecting documentation issues from a provider’s perspective

Broaden your clinical documentation expertise:

  • Coding examples and exercises
  • Real-life documentation scenarios
  • Leverage the ICD-10 CDI Toolkit
  • Capitalize on TCI expert advice
  • Bank on expert answers to frequently asked CDI questions
  • Access documentation guidelines for E/M

Solidify your clinical documentation and collect audit-ready, optimal reimbursement:

  • Grasp the legal aspects of documentation
  • Anticipate and avoid documentation trouble spots
  • Skirt these common documentation faux pas identified by CERT/RAC
  • Don’t miss these costly EMR errors
  • Master documentation in the EMR with guidelines and tips
  • Stop compliance issues in their tracks with these pointers
  • Benefit from tips to select the correct diagnosis code from the superbill
  • Capitalize on auditing advice for ICD-10 and CDI
  • Know Medicare eligibility criteria for home care
  • Nail down documentation for E/M coding
  • Conquer CDI time-based coding for E/M
  • Leverage pointers for trauma, infection, and medical conditions documentation
  • Ace coding the initial preventative physical examination for Medicare

 And much more!

Master accurate and timely documentation that reflects the scope of services provided.

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