CCI Edits by CPT® Code 2017

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Are you tired of hunting down CCI edits for specific procedures?

Let the TCI experts simplify your bundling decisions with the handy CCI Edits by CPT® Code 2017.

Every code in the 2017 CPT® code set, categorized by specialty for quick reference, is arranged in CCI Edits by CPT® Code 2017 with the corresponding CCI edits, as well as official descriptors for Categories I-III. We’ve highlighted new and revised 2017 CPT® codes, added page headers and tabs, and created a comprehensive code index for speedy searches.

Make accurate, at-a-glance bundling decisions for every procedure with this handy resource:

  • Rely on our list of each CPT® code with corresponding CCI edits
  • Find CPT® codes categorized by specialties for quick reference
  • Improve your accuracy with specialty-specific CPT® codes with official descriptors for Categories I-III
  • Identify new and revised 2017 CPT® codes 
  • Clarify bundling decisions with CCI edits for each procedure
  • No more hunt and peck with our comprehensive code index with page numbers for quicker searches
  • Enjoy simple navigation with page headers and tabs


Coding just got easier with CCI Edits by CPT® Code 2017.

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