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Cardiology ICD-10 Handbook

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Get in-depth knowledge of ICD-10 coding for cardiology.

Now that ICD-10 has launched, as a cardiology practice you must be well versed with new guidelines, documentation requirements, and the structure of more descriptive ICD-10 codes for cardiology.

Are you successful in coding top challenging codes for cardiology without any denials?

Is your practice prepared for the increased clinical specificity requirements and combination codes in ICD-10? Don’t let payers squeeze more money out of the reimbursements your practice deserves. Cardiology coding requires you to be prepared with more specific codes to report nonrheumatic mitral valve disorders based on type (insufficiency, prolapse, stenosis, other, and unspecified), and even common ICD-10 codes while diagnosing primary hypertension.

The Cardiology ICD-10 Handbook gives you insights on how to meet new documentation standards for Cardiology ICD-10 codes and get paid ethically what you deserve. To help your practice in training, dual coding, or reviewing encounter forms, the Cardiology ICD-10 Handbook is a complete resource for ICD-10 coding.

Take a look at just some of the must-have Cardiology ICD-10 information we provide in this must-have resource:

  • I10 covers essential hypertension for ICD-10.
  • I21.- will replace 410.1x and add artery involvement to your documentation needs.
  • E78.0-E78.5 promise to be a close match to 272.x codes.
  • 394.2’s replacement specifies ‘rheumatic’ — get the details here.
  • 414.01 counterparts in ICD-10 differ based on angina pectoris presence.
  • I42.- requires more cardiomyopathy details than 425.4 does.
  • 745.4 matches to Q21.0 to describe VSD.
  • 453.42 explodes into multiple site-specific I82.4- codes.
  • I45.6 displays new descriptor for WPW code.
  • V72.81 has almost perfect match in Z01.810.
  • I11.- codes eliminate malignant/benign dilemma.
  • I46.- requires cardiac arrest’s underlying cause.
  • 413.9 will divide into ‘other’ and ‘unspecified’ ICD-10 options.
  • I25.2 and 412 look the same, but check the definition of ‘acute’ MI.
  • 441.4 and I71.4 keep your AAA coding in fine form.
  • Ischemic cardiomyopathy lands its own code under ICD-10.
  • Prepare for a Q-code switch.
  • I48.- range will expand your atrial fibrillation and flutter options.
  • 416.8 unfolds into 2 new pulmonary heart disease options.
  • R01.2 won’t be your only abnormal heart sound option.
  • I50.- will remove the unspecified CHF option.
  • 429.1 finds its equal in I51.5 for myocardial degeneration.
  • 426.4 will divide into 3 right bundle branch block options.
  • And more!


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