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Ask an Expert: This is your handy quick-reference guide with over 1,400 questions and expert answers across specialties from our online Ask an Expert forum. Nail down solutions for denial management, procedural bundling edits, ICD-10-CM coding, CPT® selection, add-on codes, global surgical package, modifiers, surgeries, and many more.

Master the Interview and Land the Job: Don’t stumble through illegal interview questions, fail to sell yourself during an interview, or accept a lower salary that what you’re entitled to. Master the Interview and Land the Job is the only interview book exclusively for new and experienced medical coders and billers.

Medical Coding DemystifiedCoding 101 for Non-coders: Confused by the intricate rules of medical coding? Struggling to improve your understanding of coding? Medical Coding Demystified: Coding 101 for Non-coders teaches you coding basics with simple explanations, examples, tables, and diagrams. It is the go-to resource handbook for anyone unfamiliar with medical coding, working in billing, collections, registration, reception, the back office, clinical areas, or management.


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