Anesthesia Coders Sourcebook 2017

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Your Comprehensive Guide for Coding and Billing Anesthesia Services

Capture the encounter details you need for prompt, equitable reimbursement with TCI’s Anesthesia Coders Sourcebook 2017. This comprehensive user-friendly resource tackles the complexities of CPT®, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS coding to ensure your billing is accurate and bringing in the revenue you deserve.

Codes for moderate sedation bundled with epidurals, separation of ICD-10 codes for postprocedural hematoma and hemorrhage, the intricacies of assigning modifiers and diagnosis codes, and hundreds of CCI edits that bundle or unbundle familiar codes represent but a few of the changes to challenge coding for your anesthesia practice.

Master every challenge with real-word advice and best-in-class tips from TCI and industry experts:

  • Nail down the ins and outs of general anesthesia and basic anesthesia coding
  • Get the heads up on local and regional anesthesia, monitored anesthesia care, and more
  • Conquer ICD-10 coding for vascular system, OB anesthesia, Z codes, and more
  • Stay in charge of CPT® modifiers
  • Let our experts unravel HCPCS modifier dilemmas
  • Clear up your confusion of time, base units, and multiple anesthesia services
  • Get physical status modifiers right every time
  • Grasp coding for preoperative anesthesia services
  • Get clarification on the anesthesia care package
  • Tackle coding and billing for multiple anesthesia services
  • Calculate your reimbursement for anesthesia
  • Get vital examples of Medicare’s 2017 conversion factors
  • Take stock of the latest billing and documentation updates for anesthesia services
  • Choose 00840 over 00944 for laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy
  • Submit 00910 if anesthesiologist administers anesthesia for cystourethroscopy
  • Report 99231 once daily, except for catheter insertion day
  • Don’t miss modifier 51 opportunities for fluoroscopic injections
  • Training makes the difference between performing 93312 and 93313
  • Post-op pain relief could be coded as 99231
  • And more!


Fight back against claim denials and boost your bottom line!

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