AMA CPT® Professional Edition 2017

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Official Book with Complete CPT® Code Details to Help You Correctly Report and Bill Procedures and Services in 2017.

Rely on the most updated AMA CPT® Professional Edition to guide you to accurate reporting for your 2017 claims. This AMA-authored resource covers the official 2017 CPT® coding rules and guidelines and the updated code, guideline, and text changes.

Master CPT®coding and billing with these essential features:

  • Summary of new and revised CPT® code changes for 2017 — no need to look up previous editions
  • Reliable cross-reference guidance on CPT® code usage from CPT® Assistant, CPT® Changes, Clinical Examples in Radiology Citations, and more
  • Tabular listing of most analytes in the pathology and lab section to simplify your code search – Find more relevant molecular pathology codes based on a specific analyte
  • More granularity in molecular pathology that enhances your ability to report the correct code for a lab procedure
  • Detailed index that helps in quickly locating codes related to a specific procedure, service, anatomic site, condition, synonym, and more
  • Clear illustrations to enhance your coding accuracy and understanding of the anatomy and procedures under consideration
  • Valuable coding tips in each section to boost your understanding of the intricacies of the code set
  • Enhanced table of contents that allows you to conduct a quick search of the manual without being in a specific section
  • Additional information — Get key insight on topics such as modifiers, add-on codes, clinical examples, and vascular families
  •  Supplemental information of multianalyte assays with algorithmic analyses — gets you an administrative code set of single-sourced tests

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*CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

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