AMA CPT® 2018 Professional Edition

  • AMA CPT® Professional Edition 2018
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Keep the official CPT® coding guidelines at your fingertips.

Trust the AMA CPT® 2018 Professional Edition to guide you to flawless reporting of your 2018 claims. This enhanced code book from the AMA packs the complete CPT® code sets, modifiers, and official coding rules and guidelines, as well as highlights all the 2018 coding, guidelines, and text changes.

Master coding accuracy and reap the reimbursement you’ve earned with these essential features:

  • Updated modifiers to improve your coding accuracy
  • New CPT® modifiers added to Appendix A  
  • Colored Illustrations to improve your understanding of anatomy and procedures
  • Detailed section titles and labels to enhance CPT® code lookup 
  • Primer on new & revised CPT® code changes so you no longer need to reference previous editions
  • Cross-reference guidance with how-to advice from CPT® Assistant references, clinical examples in radiology citations, and more.
  • Comprehensive index to quickly narrow down codes related to a specific procedure, service, condition, anatomic site or abbreviation
  • Editorial revision of the code ranges located in parenthetical notes for resequenced codes to provide more succinct ranges
  • Section-specific advice to enhance your understanding of the intricacies of the CPT® code set
  • Multiple appendices for instant references to more resources and information covering add-on codes, modifiers, multianalyte assays, vascular services, telemedicine services, and more
  • Section-specific table of contents to navigate efficiently through each section’s codes
  • Detailed E/M code selection tables to report the most precise evaluation and management (E/M) codes
  • Proprietary laboratory analyses (PLA) codes located at the end of the Pathology/Laboratory section
  • Full-color procedural illustrations
  • And much more!


Combat claim denials and safeguard your bottom line with the AMA CPT® 2018 Professional Edition.

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*CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association
  • 2017 AMA CPT® Professional Edition
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Official Book with Complete CPT® Code Details to Help You Correctly Report and Bill Procedures and Services in 2017.

Rely on the most updated AMA CPT® Professional Edition to guide you to accurate reporting for your 2017 claims. This AMA-authored resource covers the official 2017 CPT® coding rules and guidelines and the updated code, guideline, and text changes.

Master CPT®coding and billing with these essential features:

  • Summary of new and revised CPT® code changes for 2017 — no need to look up previous editions
  • Reliable cross-reference guidance on CPT® code usage from CPT® Assistant, CPT® Changes, Clinical Examples in Radiology Citations, and more
  • Tabular listing of most analytes in the pathology and lab section to simplify your code search – Find more relevant molecular pathology codes based on a specific analyte
  • More granularity in molecular pathology that enhances your ability to report the correct code for a lab procedure
  • Detailed index that helps in quickly locating codes related to a specific procedure, service, anatomic site, condition, synonym, and more
  • Clear illustrations to enhance your coding accuracy and understanding of the anatomy and procedures under consideration
  • Valuable coding tips in each section to boost your understanding of the intricacies of the code set
  • Enhanced table of contents that allows you to conduct a quick search of the manual without being in a specific section
  • Additional information — Get key insight on topics such as modifiers, add-on codes, clinical examples, and vascular families
  •  Supplemental information of multianalyte assays with algorithmic analyses — gets you an administrative code set of single-sourced tests

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*CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

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